Theater workshops to promote personal development

Every Friday at the colonial plaza, under the coordination of Minouche

Every Friday, Minouche coordinates theater workshops in the colonial plaza. The goal is to encourage imagination and personal development.

I began to promote theater workshops in Las Terrenas since I arrived in 1995, first in my neighborhood near the cemetery. At this time, all children, Europeans and Dominicans, were united, and it produced intense exchanges, says Michèle Soria, better known as Minouche. Today, the French kids speak less Spanish says the comedian, who wants to improve this situation.

On the past ten years, the theater workshops have allowed Minouche to perform beautiful presentations. The first, given in 1995, was called Snow White and the 14 Dwarfs. Two years later, we presented ” Peter Pan » at Paco Cabana beach, with real boats coming from the sea.

Let the imagination run wild

I do not impose anything to children. Now we are working on improvisation to let the imagination run wild, while I teach techniques of speech and body language. Our workshops aim to favour the personal development of relationships based on respect among participants. Do not make fun of the shyest children constitutes one of the fundamental rules of the group.

The theater has countless virtues that everyone is invited to discover with Minouche.

Theater workshops every Friday at the colonial plaza, from 3 pm to 5 pm for 7-10 years and from 4 pm to 5.30 pm, for ages 13-15. Fee: 1200 RD $ / month.

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