For a shot of rum

The Caribbean taste

The Caribbean is not only amazing nature, rhythm and colors, but also drinks of international renown, such as the famous Rum from the Dominican Republic. Christopher Columbus was the one who made possible the birth of rum , bringing during his travels to Hispaniola the sugar canefrom which is obtained the alcoholic distillate that today is the most widespread in the world.

Rum for English, rhum for French, Ron for Spanish: it seems that the name comes from rumbillion, which in the jargon of pirates and buccaneers indicated the hustle and bustle that was created when the rum was distributed to the crew…

It’s a matter of rhythm

The most typical alcoholic drink of the Dominican Republic flows in the blood like the Caribbean music that accompanies the sipping cocktails on the beach at sunset or in the warm tropical nights.

No other rum can compete in quality with the productions of the Caribbean; the three B’s of the Dominica Republic famous alcoholic distillate are the brands Barcelo, Brugal and Bermudez, spirits with a strong tradition between labels.

Rum is a very versatile product, which lends itself very well to be mixed, as in the famous Cuba Libre, Santo Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri, Pina colada and more.

There is no doubt that the great reserves and the older rums are the most appreciated: like Scotch whiskey, the older it is, the softer and refined it becomes. Those rums are best appreciated smooth or even as an accompaniment to a few flakes of dark chocolate or a good Havana cigar.

Las Terrenas is a prestigious address for gourmet holidays, thanks to the variety and quality of the culinary offerings and the availability of first choice products. Because great vacations are not only made of sun and beaches , but also of gastronomic culture and pleasures.

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