Blackouts provoke complaints in Las Terrenas

Luz y Fuerza apologizes

During the past weeks in Las Terrenas, blackouts have become frequent. An unusual situation for the village, especially in this month of August, the warmest of the year.

Luz y Fuerza Company offered explanations and apologies in a statement, this is a resume:

Dear users:

In the last month there have been more power outages than usual so we apologize to all our users. These blackouts will continue for the first two weeks of August due to:

1.-Trees trimming, which is necessary to avoid future breakdowns, especially before the hurricane season began.

2. – Fragility in the generation system caused by the works on our distribution lines and maintenance.

Our technicians and engineers are working at their maximum to achieve these operations ASAP.

We regret the situation and hereby apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, in the village, many people are surprised by the rise of blackouts. It is unusual and very surprising since Luz y Fuerza has been performing maintenance operations for years without having such problems.

A company of this type, which has a monopoly on local production, should have sufficient expertise and materials to prevent blackouts that leave users without light and fans in the middle of the night. Many restaurants and other night businesses are being affected by the situation.

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