La Sirena is coming to Las Terrenas

A radical socioeconomic change

La Sirena is coming to Las Terrenas. A news that surprised everyone in the village.

La Sirena is a giant stores network in the Dominican Republic, with more than 24 outlets in the country.

La Sirena centers offer supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, parking etc…

Grupo Ramos, the nation’s leading retail enterprise heads this initiative which promises to be a real change for the village and the whole area.

Indeed, the socioeconomic impact would be tremendous, with the creation of jobs and the decrease of products prices

The flow of buyers from across the region (El Limón, Samaná, Sánchez, and even the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez) will help local economy.

The construction of the shopping center should start in February 2014, and the location would be on the calle principal, before BON ice creams, although La Sirena has not yet confirmed the information officially.

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