Jordi Taza transforms trash into art

A second life for waste

I create art from almost everything I find explains Jordi Taza. The artist, who lived in Las Terrenas for the past 22 years, is inspired by the objects he collects everywhere. What satisfies him the most is to create works from articles for the trash. While you see a hair clip on the beach, Jordi sees an object from which he will make a fly. You see an electronic circuit: he sees a brain. A piece of old rubber ? No ! It will be hairs for a statue: a small rocker whose fingers, made ​​from electrical wires, touch the strings of a guitar made ​​from some old glasses.

The keyboard of a calculator, will be transformed into the eyes of an adorable mosquito that Jordi says he can’t sell. Like many artists, admits he is in love of some of his works, and will never get rid of them.

Mosquitoes, spiders and giant flies.

The rare animals are his passion. Since he began to create art objects from recycled materials six years ago, Jordi Taza created dozens of works: spiders, giant flies, mosquitoes and other mutant insects whose identity is interesting to discover. The ecological artist, who also was a tattoo artist during seven years and started drawing at a very young age, showed his creations in La Romana and Las Terrenas, as during Etnomix and Famous for 15 minutes festivals.

But the sculptures of insects are not the only thing that this artist creates. Jordi also makes masks with plastic bottles. Each of his works is unique. The strength of this artist lies in the fact that it has the ability to give life to his masks and his little insect, which are always original and fun.

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