Introduction to Haitian painting

Next Monday and Tuesday, at colonial plaza

The creative workshop and store Que Baina, under the direction of Maud Hézard and Minouche (Michèle Soria), organizes an introduction to Haitian art and painting on easel.

All interested persons, children or adults, amateurs or confirmed artists are invited to participate to this event which will take place on Monday and Tuesday 25 and 26 March, at the colonial plaza, from 3pm to 5pm

These two days will be animated by local artists Max-Arthur Bazile and Bernard Ruben.

The program will include a general introduction to Haitian art, a sensitization to the choice and use of colors, between others.

Practical: Price: 1800 RD $ / adult / both days. 1500 RD $ / child / two days.

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