American Eagle will not fly anymore to Samaná

From December 2, 2008

Pedro Fábregas, new president of American Eagle for Miami, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Bahamas, said that one of his priorities is to maintain employments during this crisis which must face the air industry, because of the fuels high prices.

He stated that, although the initial plan of expenses reduction of the head company, AMR Corp., included to lay off 400 people over the 1.237 who work locally in American Eagle, he succeeded in preserving approximately 300 employments after having succeeded in maintaining more flights.

American Eagle, which offers 50 daily flights in the Caribbean from San Juan, planned to drop in September with 33 flights and to thus continue until in 2009.

But, according to Fábregas, from December 2 they will propose 43 daily flights, by eliminating only seven flights on the totality, those which operate to Aruba island and Samaná.

Al Momento, 01.08.08

Contractors will invest 6 billion US $

Tourist sector

NEW YORK. – The investments of the private sector in the tourist areas of the Dominican Republic during the four next years will exceed 6 billion US $, informed the minister of Tourism of this country, Felix Jiménez.

Jiménez referred to the challenges which will meet the Government of president Fernández in the country during its next 4 years mandate.

He indicated that President Leonel Fernández, conscious of these investments and of the difficulties which will represent for the nation’s economy the high fuel prices, informed that work of the infrastructures which are developed in the tourist areas will not be stopped.

He affirmed that in spite of the limitations imposed by the national austerity, insofar as the funds which are used to pay these infrastructures are not affected, the works of Puerto Plata, Samaná, Las Terrenas, Punta Cana and other tourist areas will not be paralysed.

The responsible of the tourist policy of the Dominican government affirmed that the future of the country will depend on what we will be able to make to obtain a sustainable development of the tourist sector.

Al Momento, le 03.08.08

The Gaia Discotheque opens its doors, the national press is present

Three atmospheres with different decoration, style and theme

LAS TERRENAS. – Three different concepts in only one space intended for entertainment and « bonche », this is the definition of the new discotheque very recently inaugurated in this tourist area of the country.

Its name is particular and exclusive: Gaia.

Three environments in one, in the heart of this commune where take place the hottest nights of the Northern zone of the country.

Gaia Club, Gaia VIP and Gaia Penthouse were conceived to allow the visitors to choose the most comfortable place without needing to move in another place.

Until now in Las Terrenas, we had only lounge discotheques or bars where people did not have another option that to undergo one atmosphere, with Gaia, we conceived three completely different styles, so if people do not appreciate an environment, they can simply move without having to leave the place declared Sergio Blanch owner of the place.

Each atmosphere, each environment has a different decoration, style and theme, this is why it precisely adapts to the idea to have in Las Terrenas a space which fullfills the requirements of the public who is present regularly in this tourist area, especially Europeans, but also of holiday makers coming from other points of the country, the majority coming from Santo Domingo and the province of Samaná.

The creators of the Gaia discotheque have a whole proposition of activities conceived for the pleasure and the seduction of the public who during the festive nights is looking for different places and with particular environment to enjoy a good time.

We have the intention to make of this place a place of reference when one speaks about Las Terrenas, because attractions which we will propose regularly will be commented by everybody, added Sergio Blanch.

Gaia Club, VIP and Gaia Penthouse are conceived with detailed completions and with the best security parameters; they are equipped with an avant-garde technology and are addressed to a young and adult contemporary public.

Diario Digital, 05.08.08

Beginning of the Viva Residence Las Terrenas building work

50% already sold

The chain Viva Resorts began the construction of the real tourist project Viva Residence Las Terrenas, in Samaná, which will put on the market 76 units of residences, of which the half is already sold.

Viva Residence Las Terrenas is a complex made up of eight villas with two rooms, of 16 villas with three rooms, 32 apartments with one room of and 20 apartments with two rooms.

The president of Viva Resorts, Ettore Colussi, affirmed that they are very happy of the welcome received by this real estate project.

Viva Residence Las Terrenas is a modern tourist development complex conceived by the architect Antonio Imbert.

It is located on a blue sea front and on a white sand beach, typical of this part of the island.

There will be also an entertainment centre which will be at disposal for the totality of the complex, both for the hotel Viva Samaná and for Viva Residence.

This offer will include several restaurants and a modern spa managed by a team devoted to the host cares with great professionalism.

An enormous swimming pool will surround the project going from a source to then cross all the property through two canals strategically located.

Moreover, the hosts of Viva Residence will be able to enjoy the facilities of Viva Samaná located beside this complex and which will be subjected to an ambitious program of reorganization and construction of new units.

The new name « Viva Residence », with which Viva Resorts will identify its intended products on the residential tourism market, offers properties in Playa Dorada, Samaná and Bayahibe.

The next year, new projects will start in Mexico and Brazil.

El Nuevo Diario, 06.08.08

Work continues at night

The Carmen Street asphalted

Rains of last weekend did not facilitate the continuation of work in the Calle Carmen but everything was ready for the asphalting yesterday evening.

Then taking profit of a lull in the bad weather, an asphalt truck came yesterday in the afternoon from Santiago to repair the first part of the Carmen Street.

In the presence of the Mayor of Las Terrenas, José Alexis MARTÍNEZ and of Engineer Gabriel ORTIZ, the roadway workmen worked until 22:00 o’clock from the beginning of the Carmen Street to the cross with the Francisco de Rosario Street.

If the climatic conditions allow it, the Carmen Street will be terminated at the end of the week.

It is a true relief for the inhabitants and the storekeepers of this area.

The Mayor of LasTerrenas, who is coming back from the Capital, ensured that the Public Works Ministry gave his official agreement to also asphalt the Caño Seco and Come Pan districts.

LTL, Sylvain Maufrais, 07.08.08

Driver’s licence

Terrestrial Transit in Las Terrenas

A mobile unit of the Terrestrial Transit is at your disposal on Friday 8 and Saturday August 9, 2008 in the LIGOUT office right before PLAZA ITALIA in front of the central pharmacy in the main street, in order to validate, renovate, theoretical examination and loss of your driving licence.

Take the opportunity to ensure you are compliant with the legislation of the Dominican Republic.

Alejandro and his team starts receiving from 8:00 am.

CELT, 08.08.08


Las Terrenas obtains an extension of the closing times until 4:00 a.m every night

On last Friday at 10:00 a.m, a meeting was organized by Serge Blanch and Franck Buisson, the two motivator elements of the Las Terrenas by night and respective owners of the Gaïa Club and Indiana Café.

This meeting followed their travel to the Capital, supported by the presence of the PLD Deputy of Samaná José ACEVEDO, in order to meet with the authorities of Interior and Police, likely to sign an agreement for the extension of the closing times of the bars, discotheques and restaurants of Las Terrenas.

José Alexis MARTÍNEZ, Henry CASTELLANO, Antonio PICEL CABRAR (Toñito) and the Professor Pantaleón MARI

This meeting in Santo Domingo followed the promise of the under-secretaries of Interior and Policia, Professor Pantaleón MARIA ARIAS, Antonio PICEL CABRAR (Toñito) and Henry CASTELLANO to take part in this meeting and to find an agreement.

Local authorities attended this meeting:

José Alexis MARTÍNEZ, Mayor of Las Terrenas

José ACEVEDO, Deputy of Samaná,

Demetrio VICENTE, Deputy of Samaná,

José Oscar ORSINI BOSCH, President of Alianza de Empresas de Servicios Turisticos de Samaná,

The Majors of Politur and of the National Police,

Representatives of night establishements and their employees :

Mariana VANDERHORSt, la Rancheta Tipica,

Serge BLANCH, Gaïa Club,

Franck BUISSON, Indiana Café,

Flavio PERONCINI, Palapa Beach

As well as the rpresentatives of the Interior and Police Ministry, Sub secrataries Professor Pantaleón MARIA ARIAS, Antonio PICEL CABRAR (Toñito) and Henry CASTELLANO.

The latter initially listened to the explanations of the persons in charge of the night establishments complaining about this punishment which had too much lasted in this very tourist and considered village which is Las Terrenas.

Almots in crisis, isolated of the favours granted to Sosua and Cabarete, Las Terrenas is living an unbearable social unrest for all the employees and managers of restaurants, bars and discotheques for 2 years now.

Evoking the difference in life rhythm of Europeans living here but especially the logical desire of the tourists and holiday makers to want untertainment until very late in the night, the tourist service of great quality offered in Las Terrenas saw its customers decreasing only due to the fact of this times restriction.

In addition, if the argument proposed by the authorities at the time of the implementation of this decree two years ago, was to decrease the delinquency, all the local actors could notice that on the contrary, the absence of circulation at night especially of the Police force and of Politur left the free field to the robbers.

In fact, Las Terrenas is not similar to a dangerous Barrio for which it is necessary to apply a curfew, but is more like a family village where everyone knows each other. Beautiful village which sells exceptional tourism as anywhere in Dominican Republic, with a permanent festive atmosphere in good mood as usual in Dominican Republic.

This decree thus made that the inhabitants and the tourists were accompanied back towards the exit door at midnight when they had not finished yet to dine or to drink their last glass.

Following all these explanations, the under-secretaries of Interior and Police explained their conditions as for a possible extension of closing times.

First of all, the security. On this condition, Professor Pantaleón MARIA ARIAS explained that they would be given reinforcements to ensure the citizens and tourists security. That then each establishment would be visited by the Publique Health department and by the firemen to check the requirement of the standards that must be applied to these places.

Then under the pressure of the local representatives to obtain an agreement as of today, Professor Pantaleón MARIA ARIAS asked that was immediately created a commission of these representatives in order to be able to sign an official agreement, and this was done.

LTL, Sylvain MAUFRAIS 09.08.08

The real estate project Playa Bonita Marina & Residences

New real complex in Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita Marina & Residences is a new tourist real complex located in the zone of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas.

With 300 meters of beach front, the project has an entire surface of 325.000 square meters.Playa Bonita v002

It will be composed of a closed community which will inlcude a marina and 400 real units divided into apartments, villas and townhouses, a boutique hotel, a commercial place, a SPA and sectors of recreation and leisures.

The project will be managed by Coral Hospitality Corp. as well as in its development phase development as in its post construction phase.

Samaná is the most beautiful province of the whole Dominican Republic, with superb mountains, a single vegetation, incomparable beaches, it has the most exuberant and varied nature of the country.

Las Terrenas is the territorial jewel, the majority of the national population who does not know it yet, will have the opportunity to enjoy this destination thanks to the recent opening of the new highway, which connects Samaná in one hour and forty-five minutes to Santo Domingo.

Work of the marina will start in September of this year 2008 and should formally finish in 2011.

The property will have an exclusive marina of roughly 100 moorings for yachts and high-speed motorboats, a SPA integrated into the nature, a commercial place which will offer gastronomy, entertainments and general servicesl and a hotel of 50 suites, which was conceived to offer various services to the owners of the complex.

The project is addressed to any nature lover person and who wishes to have a second home, located in the most beautiful zone of the country, Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas.

The development of this project was entrusted to consortium CORAL-LEXCO, represented by Coral Hospitality Corp. and Lexco Engineering, Management & Construction companies. Coral is a firm having an long experience of the management of hotel and real tourist complexes and Lexco is a renowned company in the construction industry of important projects with engineers Jorge Luis López and Francis Estévez.

Ritmo Social (Listín Diario), according to the interview of José Miguel Barceló by Pichardo Viñas, 12.08.08

NAP of the Caribbean starts operating in Dominican cyberpark

Services for Dominicans and foreigners

The first phase of the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Caribbean, an ambitious project in Santo Domingo Cyber Park, started to provide its services for Dominicans and foreigners. The facilities were built at a cost of more than US $50 million.

Meanwhile, the building for the second phase, a two story complex built to withstand hurricanes winds of over 160 miles per hour and resists other natural disasters, is more than 80 percent complete and is expected to start operating with all its equipment at yearend.

NAP of the Caribbean CEO Alvaro Nadal provided the information during a visit by Dominican Telecomm Institute (Indotel) president Jose Rafael Vargas, who was also greeted by Terremark manager for Dominican Republic Waleska Maria Alvarez, facilities manager Carlos Jansen, and Eddy Espaillat.

Dominican Today, 13.08.08

Las Terrenas groups reject Dominican government’s construction ban

Tourism Ministry resolution 02-2008, issued July 14

LAS TERRENAS .- The main associations of businesses, unions and the deputies of Samaná province (northeast) reject as abusive Tourism minister Felix Jimenez’s disposition which they say paralyzes the Las Terrenas municipality’s tourism and real estate development, and ask if the resolution was adopted to benefit particular business interests.

Representatives of Samaná and Las Terrenas organizations call irrational Tourism Ministry resolution 02-2008, issued July 14, and say the measure aims to castrate the development of the potential that all experts forecast for this Northeast zone.

The resolution halts the approval of real estate projects from the airport at Catey in the east, to the project Bahia Principe Portillo, in Las Terrenas

The rejection is signed by the Samaná Alliance of Tourism Services Companies, the Industrialists Association, the Punta Bonita Owners Association, the Construction Union, the Las Terrenas Defenders Front, the Truck Drivers Association, the Association of Hardware Stores, the Group of Real Estate and Construction Companies, and the deputies Jose Acevedo, of the PLD, and Demetrio Vicente, of the PRD.

Dominican Today, 14.08.08

Two trash compactor trucks in Las Terrenas

An investment of 1.5 million pesos

The Town Hall of Las Terrenas has just acquired from the Company Hermanos CRUZ, two trash compactor trucks at a cost of 750.000 RD $ each one with a financing of one year.

This investment gives a first answer to the basic need for the development of Las Terrenas, that is to say the daily collecting of the household refuse.

A program for the trash treatment will be set up and it will be communicated once it will be completely finalized.
Agreements are in process between the Town hall and a German company based in Santo Domingo.

The result of this project would have an major impact on the environment and would put a final term to the problem of the trash in the village and its neighborhoods.

LTL, Sylvain MAUFRAIS, 15.08.08

The new portfolio holder will have to manage the case of Las Terrenas


The new secretary of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, will find on his desk the complaint of various representative sectors of the tourist Community of Las Terrenas opposed to the resolution emitted by his predecessor, Felix Jiménez, who prohibits new real estate projects in the zone.Playa Bonita v003

National and foreign investors, legislators and other representative sectors of Las Terrenas affirmed that the decision of Jiménez would imply the loss of investments of about 1,000 million dollars in the zone.

They asked for the dialogue with the Tourism authorities in order to analyze this resolution and to seek an appropriate solution to the situation to allow the continuation of the investments and thus to maintain the rhythm of tourist development of Las Terrenas.

The resolution rejected by the representative sectors of Las Terrenas is the resolution number 02-08, of July 14, which suspends the approval of new real estate projects from El Catey Airport, East side to the Bahía Príncipe Portillo project in Las Terrenas.

The decision of Jiménez was not explained to the representative and the economic actors of Las Terrenas and generated many complaints in various fields.

It will be now the task of the new secretary of Tourism to analyze the situation and to look for solutions for continuing the tourist development of this powerful province.

The consultant in foreign investments, Litvinoff Martínez, supported that the tourist contractors claimed during more than 15 years a territorial reorganization of the sector, but that the resolution of the Tourism appears to have another goal, this is why he explained that it is necessary to dialogue and to try to have an agreement.

In a document published in the press, the different representative sectors stress that the resolution of Tourism is emitted when the tourist area of Las Terrenas records a great dynamism in the real sector, thanks to the application of the incentive tourism development law 158-01, of which the fundamental goal consists in stimulating the growth of these tourist poles which had been delayed after the suspension of law 173.

Listín Diario, 18.08.08

Tourism in growth and consolidated between 2004 and 2008

SECTUR report

With a growth of 750 thousand travelers, ascending investments to two billion dollars and a contribution to the Dominican economy of 15 billion dollars, the 2004-2008 period is characterized by an expansion and a development of the tourist sector.Playa Cosón v006

This according a press release emitted by the Secretariat of Tourism of Dominican Republic, whose management will be assumed by Francisco Javier García, named on last Saturday by President Leonel Fernández.

Javier García, considered as « an effective politician » directed the presidential campaign for the second consecutive mandate of Leonel.

The new Secretary of Tourism belongs to the Political Committee of the Party of the Dominican Liberation, organization which gathers 22 very influential personalities. However, the substitution of Felix Jiménez causes certain surprise in some hotels, in particular in European sectors.

According to press versions, the substitution of Felucho could be due to divergences with other civils servant of the government, employers’ groups and important figures of the tourist sector.

However, tourism sector sources consider that Jiménez also obtained important achievements during his management as Secretary of Tourism.

Among those we can quote the four million visitors who arrived in Dominican Republic in 2007 coming from many different markets or the growth of 5.22% in the period January – June 2008, compared to the first half-year of 2007.

According to SECTUR, foreign investment in tourism was higher than two billion dollars and the contribution to the economy by the means of the tourist receipts was of 15 billion dollars.

Hotel infrastructure of the country was equipped with 10.974 new rooms and 44 thousand direct and indirect employments were generated thanks to the expansion of the sector, indicated SECTUR in an official statement, when also underlying the importance of the introduction of the National System of Hotel Classification.

The SECTUR balance also states that since 2005 projects for 89 million dollars for vital works for the development of the tourist poles were set up, like the aqueducts, the roads, the sewers, the regeneration of beaches and the housing complexes, work which helped to develop tourist areas and at the same time to improve quality of life of hundreds of poor families.

Other positive aspects are the studies aiming to the reorganization of the national tourist territory, the opening of the El Catey Airport, the Santo Domingo-Samaná highway, the consolidation of this zone like important tourist pole or the promotion campaign and of publicity of the Dominican Republic for which from September 2004 to May 2008 a few 92 million dollars were intended.

Al Momento, 19.08.08

New Dominican Tourism chief to continue predecessor’s efforts

Work and projects to be continued

Upon arriving in the post as the new Minsiter of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia said he’s not going to work over the ashes of others, and instead on the basis of their effort and that he’s obliged to surpass his precedessor Felix Jiménez’s work even in only by half a point.

He said he’s not replacing just any official, and for that reason will continue with the work and projects Jiménez carried out. He said he’ll place great effort in his function, convinced of the weight tourism bears on the economy.

In an atmosphere of camaraderie in the entity, outgoing Tourism minister Felix Jiménez spoke of the accomplishments during his tenure and said he’s confident of the work his successor is going to materialize.

Dominican Today, 20.08.08

Cleaning day of the beaches and the Rio in Las Terrenas

On Friday starting from 7:00 am

Tomorrow Friday will take place a new cleaning day of the beaches and the Río in Las Terrenas.

One of the last operative was organized in April by Hervé Brousset and José Acevedo and fortunately, took place right before the torrential rains which overflowed the Río of Las Terrenas. (See video)

This operation was followed by the initiative « Un día por mi pueblo », on last Sunday July 20, day which was totally successful reagrding the level of participation, as well as organization and motivation.

In order to perpetrate the beauty of the landscapes and the future of the village, please come to join us, equipped with dustbin bags, rakes, gloves or quite simply with your good will !

Any help or participation is welcome. Thank you in advance.

LTL, Editorial staff, 21.08.08

Luna Bar & Lounge, in the heart of Las Terrenas

The partner of the romantic nights seduced the national press

Las Terrenas. – Located in the building of the restaurant Mi Corazón, it is a bar which is different by its good taste and by the personalized attentions which are proposed there.

A place which, without being a piano bar is favorable to the most romantic moments, accompanied by a good bottle wine, with the complicity of the moon, which observes you since the open roof.

The style is colonial and Moroccan. But the most important, it is the exclusive atmosphere which is feeling in this place.

It is the more « lounge » place which exists in the sector, because it was created to be a lounge.

There are already many places for parties, with festive nights and music in Las Terrenas, this is why we wanted to create a different atmosphere here, a place where the soft and romantic music is the distinguished touch, the place where to go when you are tired of noise and agitation, the owner comments on, that everyone knows as Lilo.

But, all this does not mean that the place is tedious, not at all. It is the perfect place to go between friends, to take a drink, to be in cosiness in an exclusive place.

Hoy Digital, by Francis Mesa, 22.08.08

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas, new ally of air tourist transport ?

For a greater occupation of the seats

The impact which the fuel prices increase had on the tourist sector was so extreme that it obliged the sector representatives to seek new options to replace the use of the gasoline and gas oil.

This information was offered by Frank Rainieri who said that one of the options could be the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

The tourist sector also seeks to obtain a greater use of the transports units.

Rainieri explained that the sector is working with all the other actors, including the power generator companies, in order to try to reduce the costs.

Rainieri talked about these ideas whereas he took part in a ceremony during which the first FLY-INN of the Aero club of Puerto Rico was received to the International Airport of Punta Cana.

A new decree

Decree 169-08 was emitted to help to promote in the country the coming of low-powered aircrafts of a weight lower than 30,000 pounds and with a capacity for a maximum of 12 passengers, so that they are exempted of charges and governmental taxes.

Attracted by this new decree, a second FLY-INN which will be composed of about fifty low-powered aircrafts should arrive at mid-October in the country, with on their board an average of 150 people.

Hoy Digital, 25.08.08

Foreign group wants to buy Dominican airports management company

Negotiating for more than one year

A group of Swiss and U.S. investors based in Mexico is interested in buying the majority stake in the Dominican airports management company (Aerodom), owned by Abraham Hazoury and the Spaniard Jesus Balderas, newspaper Listin said.

Airports Department director Andres Vanderhorst said Aerodom and the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) senior executives have been negotiating for more than one year. I can only confirm that the negotiations have taken place for more than one year and that we even met with Aerodom executive director Astrid Diaz Menicucci, and with five of the U.S. investors interested in the purchase of Aerodom’s shares.

Since 2000 Aerodom manages via concession contract the international airports Las Americas and La Isabela (Higuero), in Santo Domingo; Puerto Plata’s Gregorio Luperón; Samaná’s Juan Bosch at El Catey and Arroyo Barril, and Barahona’s Maria Montez.

Dominican Today, 26.08.08

“El Manuscrito”, an adventure that will be on the screens

The productions of the Dominican cinema have now more and more succes

El Manuscrito, directed by Alan Nadal, gathered together yesterday evening in the Dominican Cineclub, in spite of waters of the hurricane Gustav which were flooding the streets, a lot of journalists, cinema managers and friends of the film-director, who came to assist to the presentation of this new independent Dominicano- Spanish coproduction.

El Manuscrito is the title of this film, directed by Alan Nadal, a Dominican man residing outside.

The idea of the scenario was born whereas he was in Alicante in Spain and was watching a documentary talking about the place where the remainders of Christopher Colombus would be located.

But the director specified that the film did not talk about the life of the admiral.

A big part of this film is based on special effects.

The production of El Manuscrito is shot in Spain and Dominican Republic.

Alex Nadal, Leny Abreu and Claudio Piantini work on the film music.

The protagonists are the Dominicans Alan Nadal and Dafne Guzmán, famous TV presenter, as well as the Spanish actors Javier Pinto, Alfonso Jiménez, Juan Roldán and Felix Mateo.

Among the shooting places, there are Seville, Valladolid and Madrid and some of the scenes will be shot during one month and half in the country in Montecristi, Constanza, Samaná and in the East.

Hoy Digital, by Moisés Balbuena, 27.08.08

A long-term loan for tourism

Competitiveness and electrical energy, crucial subjects

The president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES) proposed yesterday to the government the contraction of a long-term loan of 500 million U $ dollars to equip the country with the necessary tourist infrastructures and to make of the Dominican Republic a world class destination.Playa Bonita v004

He stated that the energy high cost was one of the priorities to be solved for this sector and pled so that the government and the private companies work together on the basis of a common agenda.

Luis López spoke at the time of the opening ceremony of the XXII Commercial Exhibition of this organization, to which the new secretary of Tourism, Francisco Javier García Fernández, participated.

95 local companies take part in this fair as well as the United States and Costa Rica.

The Asonahores President said that the challenge of the moment is to maintain a coordinated work between the government and the private companies, while identifying and while working on these urgent points in order to improve the tourist areas and while placing us in advantageous position to face the competitors.

He said that this agreement is necessary to define the priorities which will make possible the advance in competitiveness, the monetary policy, the aeronautical policy, the tax treatment and the energy high prices.

Hoy Digital, 28.08.08

The new Tourism Minister made the praise of the ASONAHORES role

He emphasized the quality of the services

The Tourism Secretary of Dominican Republic (SECTUR) said that the protagonist role of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES) was determining to allow Dominican tourism industry to have today a crucial place on the regional and including world scale.Playa Cosón v007

Within the framework of the inauguration of the XXII Commercial Exhibition of ASONAHORES 2008, Francisco Javier García made the praise of the titanic task of those who undertook the first tourist projects.

He indicated that these initiatives consigned the bases for the current and future development of the sector.

And this is why so much investors of various nationalities come in our country to bring their capital, because they know that the Dominican Republic is a safe destination for the investments and because these investments will have the return on investment they really need, he indicated.

García reaffirmed that during his management in SECTUR he will work jointly with tourist employers.

He emphasized the quality of the products and the services offered by the tourism industry, as well as the activity of the Dominican Banco Popular, an institution which is making big progresses and offers a great service so that tourism continues to develop and to strengthen itself., by Darys Manuel Polanco, 29.08.08

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