August 2008

Friday Agust 22, 2008

Frank Reyes in La Rancheta of Las Terrenas

El Principe of the bachata, Frank Reyes, will be on the stage of La Rancheta, this Friday, August 22.

The world-famous artist, author of the songs Dejame entrar en TI, Quien eres tú, El alcohol, Princesa, Dosis de amor between others, will offer a unique show to his fans.

Michel Bizet

From August 12 to August 30

Oxygen by Michel Bizet in Las Casas Reales Museum in Santo Domingo

It is under the title of Oxígeno (Oxygen) or the Space of the Insipid that the Museum Las Casas Reales will welcome in its colonial space the first individual exhibition of the French artist Michel Bizet, from August 12 to August 30.

The exhibition shows a selection of the most recent pictorial work of the artist coming from France, who resides in the Dominican Republic for more than 10 years.

The Bizet’s work is defined as a dialogue with the frame by Amable López Meléndez, a famous Art critic.
In the majority of works of Oxygen, the game of chromatic contrasts is soft, and the harmonious fusions are an exceptional peculiarity.

According to Candido Gerón, a famous Dominican artist, Bizet needs only the magic of the colors to cook the matter to the highest degrees until finding a released language or the fundamental matter impulse.

The Bizet’s exhibition benefits will be donated to the Center for the Agricultural and Forest Development (CEDAF), a non-profit institution that will reinforce the projects developed by the Scientific Reserve Las Neblinas.

Michel Bizet was born on September 26 in Jallieu, close to Lyon, in France, where he draws and paints intensely until he is 17-year-old.
Then he travels to Paris, where he learns the waiter profession in the prestigious hotels. Later, he becomes antique dealer and joins industry fashion, collaborating with great designers, models and famous artists.

He is the founder of the clothing chain named BASIC Jean.
After the Algeria War, in which he participated as a member of the French marines, he goes to Liverpool to learn English.
At the end of the Sixties, he comes back to France and develops important tourist projects.

In Saint-Tropez, he shares good moments with his painter friends, Antoni Clave, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Jacquemon and the musician Jean-Michel Jarre.
In 1995, he visits the Dominican Republic and the next year he settles in Las Terrenas, Samaná, where he develops the real estate project Parques Las Terrenas and the shopping malls Casa Linda and Plaza Taina.

But the material achievements did not supplant the dreams that he creates through the paintbrush.
I am ready now because it is the first time that I am free. I have a spiritual life and can say that painting is something very serious. I feel like if I was answering an uncontrollable need to draw and to paint, the artist says.

August 1rst 2008

The Gaïa Club opens its doors tomorrow

The long-awaited Gaïa Club, the new Las Terrenas 3D discotheque of Sergio BLANCH, finally opens its doors on Friday, Agust, 1rst from 06.00pm for the apéritif.

Three dimensions, 3 stages and 3 ambiances for the Gaïa Club, VIP area and Penthouse with sea view for those who like sunsets.

Sergio, as he does it very well, will welcome you with the last sounds thanks to his 2 resident DJs: Maximo and Blacky Mix.

Las Terrenas Live, partner of the Bonche nights of the Gaïa Club, will keep you informed during all the year about the must-see moments of the most IN discotheque in Las Terrenas.

LTL, Sylvain MAUFRAIS, 31.07.08

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