Cocktail Capelino-Trucco

Aurical Angel by Trucco

On Tuesday, May 13 in Santo-Domingo, the 12th birthday of the Hairdressing salon Capelino was celebrated, as well as the launching of the new range of make-up of TRUCCO by Sebastián.
This season make-up line is named Aurical Angel and is made of romantic and subtle tones.

Makeup Trucco

Priscila Najri, Sebastián president in the Caribbean, welcomed the present persons and demonstrations of make-up took place.
Those were directed by make-up girls of Sebastián Internacional, who introduced the colors of the new make-up line on two models that had different skin colors.

The make-up girls then proposed to the women to try out the make-up.
I tested it and I felt very satisfied as of quality with the make-up, its soft and natural colors as of the expert hands that applied it.

Luis Dominguez Capelino Model Trucco 2









Were also present Lila Báez, president of Capelino and Luis Dominguez, recognized Dominican designer and vice-president of Capelino.

By Lucie H



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