Choose your swimsuit according to your silhouette

Which style for me ?

As summer approaches, and idea is also in the women head: find a great looking swimsuit, that will emphasize their body and that they will be proud to wear.

To find the perfect swimsuit for you, it’s necessary to know before all your morphology and see which type of swimwear suits you better.

Inverted triangle silhouette

Your body looks like the one of Demi Moore, Stéphanie de Monaco, Anna Kournikova, Paris Hilton, Hilary Swank.

Characteristics: You have wide shoulders and tiny hips. Your silhouette has a V shape and waste is not very pronounced.

The advantages: It’s the beauty canon of Antique Greece and the one of 50s and 80s. It represents the image of the active and independent woman, with a sexy and sports silhouette.

The right swimsuit for you: The bikini, because it feminizes the silhouette. The high-waisted shorty make the legs longer, and choose horizontal stripes to widen the hips. Use V neckline. Don’t use one-piece bathing suit because they emphasize the wideness of shoulders, and the hipsters that marks the hips.

Square of H silhouette

Your body looks like the one of Gwyneth Paltrow, Dannii Minogue, Giselle Bundchen, Penélope Cruz.

Characteristics: Shoulders and hips have the same wildness, but waste is almost non-existent. Weight is distributed harmoniously on all the body.

Advantages: It’s the androgynous canon of twenties and sixties, and the actual standard. The look is elegant, easy to wear, sensual.

The right swimsuit for you: Two pieces and triangle style. Choose the V neckline, and the panties with frills to emphasize the waist. Don’t use high cut panties and shorty, and square necklines and horizontal stripes.

Pear Silhouette 02 Pear Silhouette 01 Pear Silhouette 03

Hourglass or height silhouette

Your body looks like the one of Laeticia Casta, Monica Bellucci, Jessica Alba.

Characteristics: Shoulders and hips have the same wideness, and the waist is thin, even when you lose weight.

Advantages: It’s the feminine ideal, the most appreciated silhouette in history. It represents the image of seduction and harmony.

The right swimsuit for you: With this silhouette, you can use all the types of swimsuits. Dare to wear the famous trikini that will suit you very well. Don’t choose a swimsuit that will not emphasize your nice body.

Pear or pyramid silhouette

Your body looks like the one of Emanuelle Béart, Chimène Badi, Liv Tyler, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira.

Characteristics: Shoulders are narrow, waist is thin and hips are wide. When you gain weight, it’s visible on legs and buttocks.

Advantages: It’s the medieval beauty canon, and the 1900 one. It represents a traditional femininity, warm and sensual.

The right swimsuit for you: The bikini. Choose and horizontal neckline, to emphasize your chest. Use a top that can be tied on the neck to clear out the shoulders. For the lower part, use dark colors and knots on the sides, thin and hipsters panties. Don’t use high-waisted panties and horizontal stripes.

Luscious or plump silhouette

Your body looks like the one of Marylin Monroe, Fergie, Mariah Carey, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet.

Characteristics: Weight is present on the whole body, and waits is thin.

Advantages: Silhouette is feminine, warm, sensual.

The right swimsuit for you: Breast is your best advantage. Emphasize it with a V neckline. The one piece swimsuit ensures a good maintain of body. You can also use a bikini, if you are firm. Don’t use hipsters panties.

Plump Silhouette 01 Plump Silhouette 02 Plump Silhouette 03

By Lucie H

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