An healthy skin

Food and your skin

Vitamins and trace elements for a healthy skin

Nice Skin

We all dream to have a nice and soft skin

Unfortunately, it is often maltreated: pollution, sun, dust

To have the skin of our dreams, it is necessary to take care of it, not only with daily cares on the exterior, but also with healthy and rich in vitamins and trace elements food.

The vitamins and the trace elements are essential for the skin cells, and for their health.

Here are some of them and the benefit they bring to the skin.

The vitamin A :

– Its benefits: It protects the skin against ultraviolet aggression by strengthening it and helps accelerate its cicatrization.
– In deficiency case: The skin is dry and thickens.
– Can be found in: Eggs, butter, dairy products, sea fish, poultry, carrots and green vegetables.

The B2 Vitamin:

-Its benefits: It preserves the skin quality

-In deficiency case: the skin fissures and peels, in particular on lips.
-Can be found in: Yeast, eggs, cereals, apricots, plums, milk, cheese and liver.

The B5 Vitamin:

Milk Skin

– Its benefits: It protects the skin, the mucous membranes, the nails, the hair and ensures the maintenance of their pigmentation.
– In deficiency case: The deficiencies are rare because this vitamin is present in many foods and our body haves a small stock of it.
– Can be found in: Eggs, cabbage, liver, meats, fish, dairy products, avocado and banana…

The vitamin C:

– Its benefits: It takes part in the development of collagen, activates the renewal of the cells and supports their nutrition.
– In deficiency case: The skin is dull and in long-term it can involve skin affections of like dermatoses.
– Can be found in: Citrus fruits, spinaches, cabbage, salad, green vegetables, carrot and liver…

The vitamin E:

– Its benefits: Protects from skin ageing.
– In deficiency case: The appearance of wrinkles and ridules accelerates, the skin becomes finer and loses its elasticity.
– Can be found in: Corn Germinates, vegetable oils, butter, liver and honey.


– Its benefits: It maintains the skin in good health.
– Can be found in: Red meat, vegetables and dry fruits…


Nice Skin 1

– Its benefits: Fights against skin ageing.
– Can be found in: Meats, eggs and green vegetables…


– Its benefits: Accelerates the cicatrization.
– Can be found in: Fish, seafood, dairy products…

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