Great success of the 10km Cross Country @ Playa Morón, 2013

Thanks to the attendance of athletes from all over the country

On June 30, the Cross Country @ Playa Morón, 2013 took place with the sponsorship of Cap El Limón Samaná and culminating in a great success thanks to the attendance of athletes from all over the Republic and abroad and the support of the community of the area.

It’s great that Cap El Limón Samaná supports the development of athletics by organizing this type of event. The program was perfectly well organized to the last detail and had a great response from the public and the society of the area. We are pleased to see how the organizers involve the community, and we want to congratulate Sports Solutions DR for the order and the professionalism shown in the organization of this event, commented Ariel de Leon, a participant in the 10k.

The men’s Overall winners of the 10k were Toribio Rosa Pichardo, with a time of 36:03.2, Jesús Esteban Sánchez, with 36:32.6, and a time of 36:37.5 by Oscar de la Rosa to place them third. In the female category, Sornayi Rodriguez, with 43:43.1 arrived first; second place was Jordania Diaz Ramirez 45:24.4 and Leydi Ramirez who finished third with a time of46:50.9.

In the Junior category, first place was taken by Pedro Manuel Herrera with 41:43.5. T3 El Limón Triathlon Club, sponsored by Cap El Limón Samaná, took second and third place, represented by Carlos Alberto Rubio, with 43:17.5 and Wilfrido Colsin More, with 43:35.9, both from the community of El Limón. In the female category, the first place went to Jhonely Gutierrez, with 53:00.7, second place to Heidi Castillo, from El Limón with and Clarisse Alba with a time of 1:24:19.6 came third.

This race promises to be a classic among the athletics competitions in this country because of the physical and technical demands required of the runners. We wanted to design a course that was a challenge for athletes and not merely a training circuit. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the community of Agua Sabrosa which came out to cheer the athletes who performed an exemplary show of effort, says Rodolfo Martinez Figueroa, Technical Director of Sports Solutions DR and official IAAF, the International Association of Athletics Associations technician, who was responsible for the official measuring of the course.

This 10k, Cross Country @ Playa Morón, 2013 is the first of a series of events sponsored by Cap El Limón Samaná and T3 Triathlon Club with the purpose of promoting athletics, but especially aimed to provide an alternative role for the development of the youth of the area.

For more information on this and upcoming events in Samaná, contact the Director General of Sports Solutions DR, Lic. Alma Arellano, at 809 769 7267 or visit our,, also follow us them on Facebook.

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