Two persons on a motor bike forbidden ?

The Deputies Chamber will have to discuss at its next session of a bill aiming at punishing from 3 months to 1 year of prison and of a fine from RD $10,000 to RD $20,000 the drivers of motor cycles who take another person, whatever is the cubic capacity of the vehicle.

The document presented on March 3rd, by the deputy Julio Romero (PRD-Santo Domingo), establishes that only the motoconchos will be allowed to take only one person, in addition to the driver, from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, if they are provided with the identifications authorized by the General Management of the Terrestrial Traffic .

In addition to the fine and the sentence to be accomplished in prison, the driver violating the law will also lose the motor cycle.

The project of legislation of the deputy Romero argues that in the last few years a great part of the acts of delinquency which took place in the principal cities of the country, were carried out in motor bikes of 50 and 70 cm and on those called « saltamontes » .

The legislator explains that generally the acts of delinquency are carried out in motor cycle and always with two people, and occurred during the night.

The bill which regulates the traffic of motor bikes in the principal cities of the country was sent to the justice commission of the Deputies Chamber on last June 20th and expired on July 20th.

Diario Libre, by Leoncio Comprés, 27.08.07

A total success… Playa Rincón: it’s clean !

Limpieza Playa Las Terrenas

40 people of Las Terrenas moved on Sunday, July 29th for this annual operation of maintenance of one of the ten more beautiful beaches IN the WORLD.

Absence of Civil Defense for reason of the Father’s Day ! ! ! !

300 DUSTBINS BAGS + 3 TRUCKS FILLED + 10 TANKS and a sign at the entry of the beach are the outcome of this ecological day in order to receive with dignity our visitors of August.

An agreement was made with Señor RAFAEL, mayor of Las Galeras to empty the tanks every Friday in order to start the weekend under good conditions.


Thank you to all the participants and see you next year.

Hervé BROUSSET… Limpieza Playa for SECTUR Tourism State secretariat, 01.08.07

After Andrea and Barry, here is Chantal

The tropical storms Andrea (May 6th -14th) and Barry (June 1st -5th) make place now to Chantal, quickly become extra tropical storm while approaching New Scotland.

On the other hand, the National Hurricane Center located since yesterday two new formations (see the map).

(1) is a system of low pressure associated with a tropical wave which continues to move towards the west and its center is at approximately 425 miles in the east of the Antilles. The rainy activity remains disorganized but the environmental conditions seem to be favorable for the formation of a tropical depression during the next days. With a speed from 10 to 15 miles per hour, even if this system does not develop, the Antilles must expect some wind gusts.

On the spot, an Air Force plane is programmed to evaluate the situation today in the afternoon if necessary.

(2) is a broad stormy system situated at several hundred miles in the east of Cabo Hatteras associated with a low extra tropical development.

No other tropical storm formation is expected within the next 48 hours.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS, 01.08.07

The discotheque Loft, of the Capital, involved in a new scandal

The discotheque Loft, Santo Domingo, is involved in a new scandal, caused this time by the ban on entrance of two « colored » people, who were neither more nor less than two high level employees of the Embassy of the United States.

Given the situation, the Embassy, currently directed by the Businesses representative, Ronald Bullen, asked all the Americans who work in this mission of not visiting this place because of racial discrimination practices.

A report on the incident in the discotheque has been published on the Web site of the Embassy of the United States in Dominican Republic (

Al Momento, 01.08.07

Miss Las Terrenas (continuation)

For the photo session of Saturday July 28th, 12 beauties were on board of La Tortuga, the giant Catamaran of Las Terrenas, in preparation for the super show of the summer around the Dominican beauty.
A difficult afternoon with a lot of wind in Punta Popi.
Ideal weather for Kite Surfing but enemy of the photograph.
All the princesses of the competition Miss Las Terrenas 2007 were ready at 15h to work with 3 photographers and a cameraman, Camilo of the Mojito Bar, in order to record a video clip with a group of Reggaeton.
Welcome to Marielle, 19-year old, new participant to the competition of Miss Las Terrenas 2007 (in photo).
Thank you to the crew of La Tortuga, Fred, Mané and his assistants, and thank you also to the responsible persons Barbara and Pascal for their time and their assistance under these delicate weather conditions.
The place of the finale will be the Residence Alisei/Baraonda on Sunday August 26th starting from 17h.
New date for technical and security reasons.
Thank you for your understanding.

Photo Bruno Dongu, Extreme Pixel now in Casa Linda.

Hervé BROUSSET, 01.08.07

An investment of 53 billion Pesos in 25 hydro-electric works

The Government will invest 53,540 million Pesos in the construction of 25 hydro-electric dam works with the aim of using and of controlling water in various areas, informed this Wednesday the director of the Hydraulic Resources National Institute (INDRHI), Frank Rodríguez.

He explained that the construction would be realized from a National Hydrological Plan, using the consensus of experts of universities, hydraulic engineers, and union of professionals, ex civil servants of the INDRHI, civil servants and representatives of other organizations related to the sector.

The last meeting in which this plan was examined took place on Tuesday with the assistance of more than one hundred people, whose opinions are incorporated in the plan, he added.

Everybody agrees on the fact of applying a long-term program to handle water and to control it so that it is used until its arrival in the sea , Rodriguez said, interviewed this Wednesday in the « Matinal 5 » program of Telemicro.

He indicated that the dams will be of various sizes and will be useful not only for the storage of the liquid but also for the irrigation, the supply of drinking water and the generation of electrical power.

The places where they would be constructed are Alto Yuna, in Monseñor Nouel; Monte Grande, in Barahona; Guaiguí, in La Vega; Amina, in Valverde; Chavón, in La Romana; Río Soco, in El Cabao; Joca, in Elías Piña; Guayubín, in Santiago Rodríguez; Mijo, in San Juan de la Maguana; Los Baos, in San Juan de la Maguana; Capotillo, in Dajabón; Los Libores, in Salcedo; La Gina, in Peravia; Caonao, in Puerto Plata; Boba, in María Trinidad Sanchez; Anamuya, in la provincia Altagracia; Rio San Juan, in Samana; Loma de Cabrera, in Dajabón; Río Haina, in Santo Domingo; Los Cocos, in Dajabon; Montemayor, in San Juan de la Maguana; Río Sanate, in La Altagracia; Río Yaáica, in Puerto Plata; Don Miguel, in Dajabón y río Sonado, in San Juan de la Maguana.

Al Momento, 02.08.07

Improvement of 16% in the sales of beers last month

The president of the National Dominican Brewery (CND) informed this Wednesday that after the entry in force of the law of « fiscal rectification » this company had an « improvement » in the sales of beers.
Rafaël Menicucci revealed that during the first half-year 2007 there was a reduction of 23% of the sales of the products elaborated by the Brewery but that there was an improvement while implementing the reduction of the taxes that the companies manufacturing beer, rums and cigarettes had to pay.
He indicated that the Brewery could recover 16% of the sales last month and hopes the things continue improving. He reiterated that the philosophy of the company is to provide first quality products to the consumers.

Al Momento, by Ramon GONZALEZ, 02.08.07

The tropical wave passed over the Antilles

1) The strong rains and the gusts joined the tropical wave in a system of low pressure to cross the Antilles and to reach the Eastern Caribbean Sea.

There is currently no sign of tropical cyclone formation but the conditions are favorable for a tropical depression formation today and tomorrow, moving towards the west.

(2) The cloud cover and the rains over the Golf of Mexico are associated with a broad low pressure area. There is no sign of organization but a slow development is possible today and tomorrow.

Elsewhere…Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 48 hours.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 02.08.07

The media place their means at the disposal for the debates of the candidates

The company of the National Informative Services (SIN) and the channels of Antena Latina were placed at the disposal by their executives for the realization of a debate between the presidential candidates of the majority parties which will dispute the power at the time of the elections of next May 16th.

The president of the National Informative Services, Fernando Hasbún and the manager Miguel Bonetti Dubreil, President of Antena Latina, explained that the discussions on the various proposals of government from those who direct the electoral bulletins could contribute to the reinforcement of the democratic institutions of the country.

Recently, the presidential candidate of the opposition of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Engineer Miguel Vargas Maldonado, defied Doctor Leonel Fernández, President of the Republic and candidate of the government Party of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) to a public discussion on the economic and social problems affecting the country.

In front of the proposal, Amable Aristy Castro, candidate to the Presidency for the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC), challenged Fernández and Vargas Maldonado to a debate.

We offer our means without any cost, with all the equipment, the professional competence of the journalists Alicia Ortega and Miguel Guerrero, with a long experiment in the preparation of the debates and the informative coverage, so we can offer to the population a clear concept on what is the thinking of the chiefs who aspire to manage their destiny , explains a document of Noticias SIN and Antena Latina.

The transparency is a fundamental element of the democracy, this is why we understand that our means fill the essential element of their raison d’être with the diffusion of these debates, Fernando Hasbún expressed.

(Photo: Leonel FERNÁNDEZ, Amable Aristy CASTRO and Miguel Vargas MALDONADO)

El Viajero Digital, 02.08.07

The World Bank grants a loan of 19 million US $ to Dominican Republic

The World Bank Group (WBG) announced yesterday the agreement of a loan to Dominican Republic of 19.4 million dollars to support a project of protection of the investments.

An announcement of the multilateral financial organization indicated that the project will also improve the application and the effectiveness of the public programs of social protection. It will also try to reduce poverty in the short term and to encourage that the sectors of lower receipts accumulate human capital to leave indigence.

It stressed that the loan was granted with a deadline of 17 years and a tolerance deadline of five years.

Al Momento, 03.08.07

38 thousand 529 citizens did not renew yet their firearm license

Some 38 thousand 529 citizens did not renew yet their firearm license, informed the Secretariat of Interior and Police, and exhorted those who have firearms with one, two or more years of settlement date, to renew their document as from next Monday.

The announcement was made through a press report in which it is recommended to pay the corresponding taxes in any branch of Banco de Reservas.
It explains that the licenses with one year of settlement date, 15.261 in totality, will only pay the taxes corresponding to one year. On the other hand, those with two or more years of settlement date (23.268 users) will have to pay up to two years, and will have to request in the branch of Banco de Reservas the corresponding number of payment forms and will have to fill them, explains the note.

The Secretariat of Interior insists on the fact that for the users who for reasons already indicated must pay two years and pay only one, their license will not be valid.

Listin Diario, 03.08.07

What happens with the road works in Las Terrenas ?

Here briefly some information on the continuation of the road works in Las Terrenas.

The SEITOUR work, concerning the drainage of waste waters, was stopped for lack of financial means five weeks ago. Since then, money is coming in but the Town council required that work do not restart immediately in order to not disturb the tourists in high season. Starting foreseen on next September 15th, 2007.

Beginning of work of the portion Las Terrenas – El Catey foreseen before the end of the year, following the plotting of the engineers and geometricians during July.

The construction of the bridge and the realization of the deviation LasTerrenas – El Limón were entrusted to the Modesto Group and asphalting will be made of in coordination with the end of realization of the streets Carmen, Mella (hospital) and Sánchez, before the end of the year.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 03.08.07

It went away !

The tropical wave disaggregated in the night to reform itself at the beginning of the morning over the central Caribbean Sea.

It is moving rapidly westward and is expected to bring cloudiness and showers to Jamaica … The Cayman Islands and Central America today and Saturday.
Elsewhere tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 48 hours and good weather is expected over Las Terrenas with an east wind to drive out the few residual clouds.

Have a nice day.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 03.08.07

Reduction of the crimes of more than 50%

The Chief of the Police force, Lieutenant General Bernardo Santana Páez, affirmed yesterday that the statistics managed by this institution and the Office of the General Attorney of the Republic reveal that the criminal facts were reduced of more than 50 percent.

Moreover, he reported the closing of 21 businesses accused to violate the decree 308-06, which sanctions the bars violating the closing times and that would have to be closed within the implemented time schedules. He did not give the names of the concerned places.

By quoting figures on the reduction of the deaths due to violent facts, Santana Páez quoted like example the case of the Distrito Nacional and the Santo Domingo province, where he affirmed that the reduction of the criminal acts exceeded 50 percent during the last month.

For the Chief of the Police, the key to achieve the goal of the institution to reduce the number of deaths by violent facts was a closer integration of police agents in patrol in the streets, work in harmony, the devotion and the support of President Leonel Fernández .

He supported that we can now solve cases which in the past were difficult to solve, thanks to the acquisition of modern equipment for the Scientific Police force.

Santana Páez declared that we now obtain favorable sentences in more than 70 percent of the cases presented in front of the courts.

This effectiveness shows the technicality of our agents and the professionalism with which the evidence on the scene of the crime are picked up, he underlined.

Santana Páez explained that on the National Sector ten people lost the life in violent facts during last July, of whom four were victims of intra familial violence.

He stressed that the fruit of the preventive tasks in Santo-Domingo represents a reduction of 23 violent deaths during last July compared to the same period during last year.

In July 2006, 40 people lost the life in violent facts, and 17 the last month.

The chief of the Police said that in the last weeks the criminal demonstrations were practically neutralized by the implementation of a new system of surprised operations to which take part quantity of agents who identified the supposed delinquents, this maintaining the quietness in some sectors of the city.

We have a flow chart of the offences and we identified the principal delinquents, this is why we have the capacity to stop them and send them to the justice, he specified.

The Chief of the Police force admitted that to obtain these results, they needed the support of all the sectors, mainly of the church, the sporting clubs, the totality of the neighbors and of the media of communication.

In the same way, the headquarters of the Police force informed of the detention of 580 people for investigation for robberies in inhabited houses, death and wounds by bullets towards citizens; traffics of illicit substances and illegal possession of firearms.

Hoy Digital, by RADHAMÉS GONZÁLEZ, 06.08.07

Aristy Castro invites the Dominicans to hold in check the delinquency and the poverty

The candidate to the presidential elections of the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC), Amable Aristy Castro, invited the Dominicans to hold in check the delinquency, the poverty, the drugs traffic, the implementation of abusive taxes and the power cuts, voting for his candidature on next May 16th.

The time is coming for the poor and the forgotten of this country, he said in the speech of proclamation of his candidature for the Presidency of the Republic, in which he affirmed that the delinquency, the power cuts the rising prices of the first need products held the Government in check.

Our country does not support anymore the climate of insecurity, our country does not support anymore the climate of anxiety and fear feeling in our streets. There is no single sector which is not affected by the crime, there is no Dominican who feels in total security and this cannot continue, he expressed.

Aristy Castro said that the country claims an administration which thinks of the poor and does not forget them when it arrives at the National Palace.

He promised that by winning the elections he will face the problems and will restitute the quietness in the families, will reduce the taxes and will fight the drugs traffic in a strong manner.

The political leader, who presents himself as the presidential candidate of the poor, declared that if the Government wrings the Dominican Municipal League out of him, this will not be an obstacle to become the next President of the Republic.

By specifying the profile which his election campaign will have, he said that he will not answer the attacks against his person, nor will not be diluted in sterile confrontations, but that he will concert wills and will offer a change in favor of the people, especially with regard to the poor.

Leader of the old guard of the PRSC, Aristy Castro is also a veteran in the public administration, he was president of the Deputies Parliament and Senator of the Republic during several periods and he is currently the General Secretary of the Dominican Municipal League.

El Caribe CDN, 06.08.07

The Cardinal is opposed to the change of closing times for alcoholic drink sales

The Cardinal Nicolás Jesus López Rodriguez rejected yesterday the modification of the closing times implemented by the authorities for the bars selling alcoholic drinks, for the colmados, discotheques and other entertainment centers.

My opinion is against the change of the closing times of sales of alcoholic drinks. They have to leave them like this, although I do not know which the reasons to change them are, he said.

He emphasized that his position is firm and that he does not agree with change in the measures.

I maintain my opinion, but if the authorities want to change it and extend it, amen .

The Secretary of Interior and Police, Doctor Franklin Almeyda Rancier, announced that he will give more flexibility to the sale of alcoholic drinks in the zone of Cabarete and Puerto Plata. He said that this population will start a pilot plan to make the closing times more flexible, provided that the owners will have the responsibility to maintain the security and the order in their businesses.

Owners of discotheques, restaurants, bars, colmados, directors of groups and orchestras, ask the Government to extend the schedule of sale of alcoholic drinks and the opening of the places.

The measure which was implemented to slow down the wave of violence and criminality, limits the sales of alcoholic drinks from Sunday to Thursday up to midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays up to 2:00 am.

El Nacional, byTeofilo BONILLA, 06.08.07

Asonahores greets the flexibility of the schedule of drink sales

The National Association of Hotels and Restaurants – Asonahores -, greeted the decision of the Secretariat of Interior and Police to lighten the schedule of sale of alcoholic drinks in the zone of Cabarete, Puerto Plata.

Arturo Villanueva, President of the organization, stressed that Cabarete is an example where measure can be lightened.
I believe that it is a correct attitude, we will see the results, and I believe that the restaurants keepers have the right asking to make this measure more flexible , he said.

The secretary of Interior and Police, Franklin Almeida Rancier, informed that thanks to an agreement with the owners of bars, restaurants and of the Community, some measures will be taken to adapt the closing times. He informed that in Cabarete a pilot plan was started to make the closing times more flexible, provided that the owners of businesses maintain security and order in their businesses.

El Caribe CDN, by Rosa LUGO, 07.08.07

An investment of 25 billion pesos in health tourism in Barahona

As an innovation in tourist offer in Dominican Republic and to promote the development of Barahona, a thermal complex will be carried out in Canoa with an investment of 25 billion pesos, (757 million US Dollars) in order to promote the health tourism, method which during the last year had a rapid expansion in various countries of the world.

This type of tourism combines leisure and rest. With this project, Barahona is transformed into the fourth province in tourist investments, informed the Secretary of Tourism, Felix Jiménez, who explained that the luxurious project will have an initial investment of 800 thousand dollars.

The south-western area claimed since decades the expansion of its tourism. The project indicates that the time of final takeoff arrived, through a protocol that the Secretariat of Tourism signed yesterday to rent for 99 years and 500 thousand dollars, two thousand 300 tareas (1.446.700 square meters, nearby the sea) to the Commercial Company Terma de la Salamandra and which will consequently seek to increase the capacity of reception of new international tourists in Creole ground.

The project will start to be developed one year after being approved by the Congress and it is considered that the works will be carried out during seven to eight years.

The agreement signed between the Secretary of Tourism Felix Jiménez and Robert Chetoni, president of the rental company, establishes the construction of around thousand five stars rooms, 20 tennis courts, a 27 holes golf course, thermal swimming pools, jets with pressure, a center of conventions and a school among other tourist options.

It is a matter of a leasing agreement with purchase options. The tenants will have the right to propose to the Dominican State the final purchase of the grounds, through margins of the deposited values, explained Jiménez.

The Tourism civil servant informed that added to these 500 thousand dollars which will be invested in infrastructures works in the zone, the rental company will grant 350 thousands of additional dollars, 52 plots of the commune of Caona de Barahona, where the complex will be developed.

He explained that the richness of mineral and thermal water of this zone exist since million years, and the Dominican State however had never had an offer in none of its governments of a serious company which proposes investments of this type in Italy. Chetoni, expert in thermal springs, explained that since 1999, he started to study Thermal Springs of this village.

This water is 38 degree Celsius warm and has the same chemical composition than the largest Terma of Europe.

The project of Caona de Barahona is catalogued as the largest of the world. For the Barahoneros, the execution of the project will be a source of employment. This includes the medical and technical personnel and the engineers.

The business company Terma de Salamandra, is represented in the country by Robert Chetoni, who intervened in more than 20 of the most important thermal complexes of Italy and in other parts of the world.

Governor Manual Florián and Senator Noe Sterling Vázquez, Julio Brache, President of the cluster of tourist companies of Barahona, Father Jesús Angel and Arturo Villanueva, executive Vice-president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES) attended the signature that took place in the Hotel Santo Domingo.

Listin Diariopar Desirée MARTINEZ, le 07.08.07

They start search against toys containing lead

The Public Health authorities started this Monday a search against toys made in China and which are hypothetically covered with lead, highly harmful substance for the human.

Inspectors of the Environmental Health Management checked various stores and they started to withdraw the toys of Mattel and Fisher Price brands, which contain lead in the paint covering them, and to confiscate those which are in stock.

The Under-Secretary of Health, Nelson Rodríguez, said that he met with importers and owners of toy’s stores who declared having started to withdraw the toys.

Moreover, he announced that the Public Health started contacts with various institutions and chemical laboratories in order that the experts start to visit the toy’s stores and take various types of toys in order to check in which other brands there would be evidence of toxic material.

Recently, the United States started to withdraw from the market toys of Mattel and Fisher Price brands, which are also sold in the country, because they contained lead, a dangerous poison which accumulates in the body and damages the nervous system, and the development of the intelligence in the children.

Al Momento, 07.08.07

The Humanitarian Dominico Europea Association certified by the Dominican State

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After a long period of steps to the Dominican Administration, we finally received our official recognition by the Dominican State as non profit-making association, recorded under the number 149-000000024.

This official inscription encourages us to develop our actions on the Province of Samaná, geographical sector we have chosen.

Our association hopes that everybody, made aware of the actions which we carry out, will be able to make know our existence to everybody who wants to work for the humanitarian.

Our team remains at your disposal for more information.

Email of the Association:.

For the President,
The vice-president,

Bernard Piriou

Enclosed: the document of Certification.

The Humanitarian Dominico Europea Association, 08.08.2007

Election of Miss Las Terrenas 2007

Who will be the winner ? Answer on Sunday August 26th from 05:00 pm near the swimming pool of the Alisei-Baraonda Residence.

Come for this beautiful event in Las Terrenas.

Hervé BROUSSET and the organizer Committee, 08.08.07

The Taxis carry out a walk to require an extension of the hours of alcohol sale

Santiago – Tens of taxi drivers went from the Monument of the Heroes of the Restoration to the building of the provincial government, while claiming that the Executive power modifies the decree which regulates the sales of alcoholic drinks in the entertainment places.

They put forward as proof that hundreds of taxi drivers meet difficulties due to the lack of customers in the streets.

The leaders of the drivers, Gervasio de la Rosa, Francisco Tejada and Francisco Arias explained to the provincial governor, Professor José Izquierdo that they want that the Government extends the schedules of alcohol sales in the entertainment places. In the same way, they requested the modification of the hydrocarbon law, because these products are very expensive to buy. They indicated that tourism also decreased and that many taxis working in night schedules changed to work during the day, but their business is still in deficit.

During their protest, the taxis were escorted by police and AMET agents, but no incident was recorded.

El Libelo, by Narcisse Pérez, 08.08.07

Leonel Fernández will travel to Venezuela and Mexico

Leonel Fenandez01

The president of the Republic, Doctor Leonel Fernández, will travel on next Friday to Venezuela, where he will participate to the 3rd Summit Conference of the Heads of Government of Petrocaribe.

In agreement with the pre established program, the participating technical delegations will meet on Friday afternoon to examine and approve the joint act which will be presented.

The 3rd Petrocaribe Summit will begin officially on Saturday with the speech of the President of the Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

Then the agents present will speak and later the reading and the signature of the Joint Declaration will take place.

The meeting will be concluded with a press conference in the PDVSA Auditorium, where the Summit will be developed, to offer the details.

Among the members of the Petrocaribe Agreement, there are Antigua and Barbuda but also the Heads of Government of other countries, Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenade, Guyana, Jamaica, San Vicente and Grenadines, Sainte Lucie and Surinam.

Travel to Mexico

From Venezuela the Dominican representative will move to Mexico where he will stay until the 13th. He will meet there with the president of the nation, Felipe Calderón, and will attend meetings with various educational sectors.

President Fernández will visit the Technological Center of Monterrey, where the executive will present various projects of regional development and then will visit several technological parks of Mexico.

The Head of State will return to the country on Monday 13th in the night.

El Viajero Digital, 09.08.07

Surveillance cameras for tourism areas ?

Tourism Minister Felix Jimenez has called for the installation of surveillance cameras in parts of Santo Domingo’s Colonial City, the Malecon seafront avenue and tourist areas in Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Las Terrenas, Las Galeras, Juan Dolio and Punta Cana.
He said that surveillance cameras would enhance security in these areas, and then the time limits for the sale of alcoholic beverages could be lifted. He proposed that the Ministry would pay for half of the cost, and local businesses would cover the other half.
Speaking during an American Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Puerto Plata, he said that if tourists want to drink all night long, they should be allowed to do so. He commented that there are no similar time constraints in Cuba, Jamaica or Mexico.
In the DR, alcohol cannot be sold after 12 midnight from Sunday evening to Thursday evening, with an extension to 2 am on holidays and Friday and Saturday. Recently, the government extended to 1 am the liquor vending time for Cabarete. The measure does not apply to resorts.

DR1, 09.08.2007

Producers of Samaná ask the government to finish the local roads

The farmers of this zone see their harvests endangered because of the bad condition in which the local roads are. Some repair works began but Public works carried out the equipment and the ways are now not completely rebuilt.

This would likely prevent the delivery on time of the products to the markets.

Magdaleno Olmo, president of the Association of Neighbors del Batey Hormiga, explained that under the management of the Senator Prim Pujals Nolasco, the President of the Republic, Doctor Leonel Fernández Reyna, started the rebuilding of the local roads of the area, this is why the secretariat of Public works ordered the sending of heavy equipment composed of Greaders, tractor, roller and mechanical digger.

Work started in February under the responsibility of engineer Fleury de Nagua, explained Olmo, and the ways from Juana Vicente to Los Plátanos, Cuchilla, which represent a few seven kilometers were rebuilt but it still misses to finish approximately five kilometers of way, according to the Community leader, this work on the ways was prevented because of the rain season.

In the zone, said Pasteur del Batey Hormiga, Jhonny Medina, we produce rubber, yucca, yautía, avocado, coffee, cocoa, which are necessary to bring quickly to the markets in order to not loose them.

He explained that because of the current state of the ways, the vehicles will not be able to reach the Communities to load the agricultural products to take them on time to the markets, a lot of these products being perishable.

El Nuevo Diario, 09.08.07

The Government invests RD $218 billion in social works

During the past three years, the government invested RD $106 billion in more than thousand infrastructure works and RD $112 billion in the social sector, informed the Press Secretary of the Presidency, Rafaël Núñez.

He announced that to make known what was carried out during these three years of the second mandate of President Leonel Fernández, an exhibition in the Environmental Park of the avenue Núñez de Cáceres will be inaugurated this Friday.

The exhibition will show more than thousand 500 photos through which the citizens will be able to see in which places the Government carried out constructions, said Núñez at the time of an interview for the Matinal program of Channel 5.

He indicated that the event will be inaugurated by the vice-president Rafaël Alburquerque and will last one week.

The civil servant also explained that during the Summit of Petrocaribe, which begins this Friday in Caracas, Venezuela, President Leonel Fernández will seek the possibility of exchanging products for the payment of the invoice of the oil provided to the country with a long-term credit, and that he will subscribe to several conventions.

The President goes to the Summit to complete agreements which had been initialed in Jamaica, indicated Núñez.

He informed that it will be determined at this time if the things functioned as foreseen.

Fernández is accompanied during this travel by the secretaries Temístocles Montás, Planification and Economy; Vicente Bengoa, Finances and by Miguel Mejía, Secretary of State; by Rubén Montás, President of the Dominican Oil Refinery and by Rafaël Núñez, Press Secretary of the Presidency.

Al Momento, by RAMON GONZALEZ, 10.08.07

The expenses to begin the school year amount to 8.000 RD $ per child

The parents who must equip their children for the school year which will begin on next August 21st must spend at least 8.000 RD $ for each child, since an increase in the school material going up to 25% was recorded.

This was explained yesterday by tens of parents interviewed by journalists of HOY, parents who complained about the high costs of the books and of the school material, as well as of expenses of inscription and of monthly payments.

A lot of them criticized that July and June were perceived, which they consider as unfair and the cause of a bigger expense in the total cost of inscription. During these months, the pupils are in period of final exams and of summer holidays.

Others complained about the quantity of books requested by the educational institutions, defining it as excessive because going up to fifteen text books for a course of 5th primary education.

Miguelina Morel, mother of two girls, explained that for a course of 8th, 16 books were required, which were not often used.

Rosanna Hernández, making yesterday the school purchases with her daughters in the Duarte avenue, declared that the inscription for the course of 6th primary education increased of 1.200 RD $, going up to 3.500 RD $.

Several parents also declared that they did not receive yet the list of the books because the colleges deliver it at the time of the payment of the inscription and the late monthly payments, if applicable.

The denunciations regarding the costs which increase every year persist although the National Council of Education emitted a resolution so that changes of books do not occur every year, in order that the families with several children can re-use them.

Some people like Felicia Aquino choose to visit all the principal stores of the capital and to compare the prices of the articles before buying, for thus avoiding the trouble of the previous years.

Hoy Digital, by Carmen Matos, 10.08.07

19 provinces under « green alert » for rains

The Center of Emergency Operations (COE) put 19 provinces under « green alert » for the continuation of the rains during the whole weekend, produced by a new tropical wave that will reach the country in the next hours and will join the first one that provoked the last downpours. From the Government, the Social Plan is ready for the emergency operation of humanitarian help.

The director of the COE, Juan Manuel Méndez García, said that the provinces under green alert are: Monte Plata, Santo Domingo Hato Mayor, San Juan de la Maguana, Santiago, Espaillat, San Cristóbal, Barahona, el Seibo, La Romana, La Altagracia, Duarte, Maria Trinidad Sánchez, Elías Piña y Pedernales, among others.

The COE warns the residents living near rivers and small valleys to take measures against floods because of the grounds saturation.

All the members of the COE were quartered during the weekend, as part of the response plan to face a natural phenomenon.

From the Government the director of the Social Plan of the Presidency, Emigdio Sosa, announces that they are prepared to help possible victims.

Diario Libre, by Erick Montilla, 10.08.07

Arrests in Las Terrenas

The National police force informed of the arrest by legal order of Joan Oscar Reyes Cortorreal, who was looked for by the magistrate Ana Justina Castillo Moya, Judge of the services of Permanent Attention of the Instruction Court of Samaná, for violation of articles 309-1, 309-2, 379, 385 and 386 of the Penal Code.

In the same way was captured Erbany Reyes Morel, alias Papache, 25 year-old, who was dedicated to snatch bags and wallets from tourists, in the locality of Las Terrenas. At the time of the capture, this person was identified thanks to a motorcycle RX115, of red color, plates NY-7286, which he left after being chased, when he intended to steal the Frenchwoman Belinda Mangeo.

Diario Libre, 10.08.07

Tennis Club Esperanza Master’s

From today Monday August 13th and until Sunday 26th, the Tennis Club Esperanza organizes the Masters Tournament as men’s singles.

The program: 14 players will dispute the title during these two weeks with daily matches whose results will be communicated on 2vouzamoi.

The registered players are: Didier, Paul, Wilmi, Hendry, Antoine, Bertrand, Paolo, Claudio, Stephano, Ricardo, DJC, Bibou, Laurent and Alexandre.

Sponsors of this event:

Lou Inmobiliaria, Lounge Design, L’Institut du Bien-être, El Municipio de Las Terrenas, Wasabi, Fabrice Immo, Los Ojos de Denis, Coqueta Boutique, Fort Knox, El Mosquito Bar, El Mambo, Indiana Café, Kouka Spa, Dojo Vitao, Pura Vida, l’H

The Tourism Ministry invested several million pesos in Las Terrenas

The Dominican Republic assumed to shatter the old outline of « Sun and Beach » and to adopt a policy of development of its tourist offer like health tourism, scuba diving, golf, businesses and culture, by a mechanism which seeks to integrate the Communities.

Felix Jiménez, the secretary of Tourism, offered information by participating to the meeting on the globalization of the Listin Diario, under the coordination of the economist Juan Guiliani Cury and the collaboration of the Dinero Section of the newspaper.

He informed to have already invested 1,643.4 million RD $ in tourist infrastructures.

The sum of the investment comes from the 5.0 US $ paid by the tourists when entering and when leaving the country, and which Tourism receives, and of which it dedicated 1,643.3 million RD $ for the construction of aqueducts and medical systems in Puerto Plata, Las Terrenas, Cabarete, Luperón and San Pedro de Macorís, and of which the investment includes regeneration of beaches, construction, design and studies of road; and the project of residences in El Tablón, Sosúa.


Jiménez said that from the totality of the resources intended for these works, only 1.1 million RD $, were allocated for the administrative expenses and for the personnel.

Jiménez specified the importance to promote the tourism development in the country, with the fact that this sector represents more than 21% of the receipts of the economy and that during 10 or 15 years it would have to be a larger percentage, this is why the bases should be created, by supporting the improvement of the environment and the development of the current and potential tourist poles.

Among the projects, the construction of a new harbor in Sabana de la Mar or in San Lorenzo Bay. Jiménez informed that the objective of the Government is to develop the service of a Ferry between Sabana de la Mar and Samaná, which can transport buses, which would allow to link the tourist poles of Samaná and Punta Cana.

Listin Diario, by Cándida Acosta, 13.08.07

Authorization for additional hours is considered

The Government foresees to authorize some entertainment places to extend their closing times of one or two additional hours in order to take care of their customers, informed the secretary of Interior and Police Franklin Almeida Rancier.

He admitted that there is a part of the population who needs to have fun and to enjoy and this is why he carry out a program of certification of places to determine their needs for additional hours.

He said that for receiving the authorization document, the owners will have to demonstrate that they offer physical and health security to their customers. This will be checked by technicians, Firemen and secretariats of Public health and Interior and Police.
If after having authorized them to extend their schedule they violate the conditions, we will revoke the authorization, he indicated.

He clarified that the Government will not make more flexible nor will not vary the measures adopted to regulate the alcohol sale in public places and in entertainment centers.

The measures are maintained, nothing can change the point of view that the Government has on the subject , Almeida Rancier indicated.

Al Momento, 13.08.07

The Director of a factory of toys containing lead committed suicide

BEIJING – The director of a Chinese toys factory involved in an enormous withdrawal of products from the US and Dominican Republic markets committed suicide this week end, informed today the official newspaper.

Zhang Shuhong, who was the responsible person for the company Lee Der Industrial CO Ltd, committed suicide in a warehouse this weekend, a few days after China temporarily suspended exports of the company, said the South Metrópoli Daily newspaper.
Lee Der manufactured the 967.000 toys which were withdrawn from the market at the beginning of the month by the American company Mattel Inc because the paint used in its production contained an excessive quantity of lead.

They were plastic toys for preschool children sold under the Fisher-Price brand name in the United States.
The toys represented some of the figures of the TV series « Place Sesame » which have a big popularity in the United States and in various Latin-American countries.

The company El Segundo – the subsidiary company of Mattel in California – withdrew the toys from the market two months after that RC2 Corp., a company of New York, withdrew 1.5 million wooden trains manufactured in China because they contained paint with lead.

The manufacturer, Hansheng Wood Products Factory, was also involved in an exports prohibition imposed by the General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, one of the agencies which supervise the quality of the products in China.

The administration also ordered to evaluate and change their commercial practices to two companies.

Poisoning with lead can cause vomiting, anemia and learning difficulties. In extreme cases it can cause serious neurological damage and the death.

Listin Diario, 14.08.07

Dominican Government signs agreements as regards education with Monterrey

MEXICO – Monterrey – The Dominican Government signed two conventions of strategic collaboration with the Technological Institute of Monterrey within the educational framework which will immediately produce 200 grants for Dominican professors and students.

President Leonel Fernández described as historical this visit in the State of Nuevo Leon and the agreements which were signed will have an immediate positive impact in the generation of qualified workforce and in the improvement of the quality of the education of Dominicans.

The sectors in which the Dominicans will have access to grants are: Educational Technology, Education, Public and Political administrations, Public Economy and Policy, Applied Public Management, Biotechnologies, Engineering, Electronic, Mechanics….. among others.

The agreement was subscribed between the Technological Institute of Monterrey and the Secretariat of High Education of Science and Technology, in addition to this convention was signed another agreement, by which the two institutions commits to share knowledge and experience to support initiatives which promote the sustainable development and contribute to the social development.

In addition President Leonel Fernández announces the formation of a bilateral Committee, for the implementation of a strategic alliance for the development of the trade, education and technology. President Fernández and the governor of the State of Nuevo Leon, Natividad González Parás, stressed the importance of a triangular relation between the State of Nuevo Leon, the Dominican Republic and the United States, while benefiting from the competitive advantages which the country offers, of which the signature of DR. – CAFTA.

President Fernández affirmed that will be also carried out collaboration agreements for projects of the Security of the citizens, with the fact that in Dominican Republic the delinquency increased, thus showing the obscure side of the globalization.
The Dominican President invited the Governor of Nuevo Leon to visit the Dominican Republic soon, in order to continue to strengthen the ties which were created with this visit.

El Nuevo Diario, 14.08.07

This depression could be the 1st cyclone to hit the Caribbean area

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said yesterday that the tropical depression which formed in the eastern Atlantic has the « potential » to become a hurricane and its forecasts place it on the Caribbean within 4 days with a category 2.

Category 2 (scale of Saffir-Simpson from 1 to 5) would give place to winds from 154 to 177 Km/h and waves higher than 1,80m.

This hurricane would be then the 4th of the season and would be named Dean.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 14.08.07

Closing of the restaurant of the Hotel Century in Santiago for schedule violation

Santiago – The Secretariat of Interior and Police through the Alcoholic Drinks Control Program (COBA) informed yesterday of the closing of the Hotel Restaurant Century for violation of the decree 308-06 which regulates the times of the sale of alcoholic drinks.

After more than five notifications for decree violation, the authorities decided to temporarily close it and if it does not regulate its situation it will be definitively closed.

The restaurant would be closed from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th of this month.

The mentioned place is located in the avenue Rafael Vidal of the Embrujo sector of this city.

El Libelo, 15.08.07

« Dean » is moving towards the Lesser Antilles and could become a hurricane

The tropical storm « Dean » moves today towards the Lesser Antilles with constant winds of 65 kilometers per hour and could become on Friday the first hurricane of the Northern Atlantic, informed the meteorologists.
Yesterday, it moved towards the west near 37 to 33 kilometers per hour.
« Dean » could become a category 1 hurricane on Friday afternoon and it would be very close to the Dominican Republic coasts on Sunday, according to a five days computerized projected path.
Until now, in addition to « Dean » , there were only three storms for this season, « Andrea » , « Barry » and » « Chantal » .
For the hurricanes season, which began from June 1st to November 30th, the meteorologists of the University of Colorado forecast 15 storms and 8 cyclones among which 4 would have strong winds of more than 178 kilometers per hour.
According to these predictions, there are 68 percent of probabilities that a hurricane of main category hits this year the coasts of the United States, against 52 percent registered by the historical average.
For its part, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) foresees the formation of 7 to 9 hurricanes, among which 3 to 5 could reach categories 3, 4 or 5, on the Saffir-Simpson scale.
The most active phase of the hurricane season in the Atlantic basin is between August and October.

Diario Libre, 15.08.07

Dominican Mining issued English firm a permit, will spend US $150M in Samana

SANTO DOMINGO – Mining Agency director Octavio Lopez said yesterday the English firm Walvis Investment was issued the permit to operate in Samaná (northeast) based on an environmental impact study, and that political and business interests oppose the activities of the company, which would spend up to US $150 million.
He said he was unaware Samaná governor Elsa de Leon has been heading the protests agaisnt the foreign mining company’s operation and that there is nothing that threatens the environment.
De Leon and residents of Samaná, Sanchez, Los Corralitos, Arroyo Barril and La Majagua say they oppose the project, though Lopez challenged anyone to produce studies that show the project is harmful. If they present the studies and demonstrate that it is harmful we considered it. But so far it’s an opposition to oppose, even politicized.
He said a project which is going to generate jobs and investments of up to 150 million dollars cannot be detained because some cute person wants to.

Dominican Today, 15.08.2007

Felix Jiménez: « the PRD boycotts the development of the tourist poles »

The Secretary of Tourism said this Wednesday that the leaders of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) boycott the development of the Communities like Samaná, Palenque and Najayo, while pleading that the Secretariat of Tourism intends to dislodge the families living in these tourist poles.

Dominican Republic must develop tourism and it is necessary to improve the conditions under which the inhabitants of the tourist communes live. The government has 53 million dollars to repair the houses of the inhabitants of Najayo, Palenque, Los Cacaos, Samaná and Las Terrenas, but this program is boycotted by the managers, the leaders and the chiefs « perredeístas » of these communes , he affirmed through a press communicate.

He said that the intention of the team of the secretariat of Tourism is to regenerate the beaches of these tourist poles and the PRD is opposed to that by saying to the inhabitants that Felix Jiménez wants to leave them without house .

The secretary of Tourism ensured that the government will have 250 million dollars to invest in the improvement of the tourist destinations of Dominican Republic. The intention is not to harm the poor people of Palenque, of Najayo, and I do not intend to affect anybody, he emphasized.

Asked about the grounds of the old chocolate factory, situated in the province of Puerto Plata, Jiménez said not to have any litigation with the secretariat of the Culture on this subject. It is false, in a speech I made in Puerto Plata, I proposed that the government jointly with the private sector makes a program of livable zones, for the businesses and the inhabitants who live in this zone, for developing the entry of Puerto Plata.

Clave Digital, 15.08.2007

Revelation of strong changes within the government

A sure source, of absolute credit, let know that president Leonel Fernández already worked out on the decrees which will introduce changes into the government as from this Thursday 16.
According to these reports, the President would strongly refit the public administration, by rewarding some of his collaborators, of whom he is satisfied, and by punishing others whom to his opinion contributed to the wear of the government, and who would be replaced by extra-supporter figures, in order to cause a dynamics which renews the government and which attracts at the same time votes of other sides.
It was decided that Francisco Javier García will be designated for the secretariat of the Interior and the Police force, to carry out his task of chief of campaign, not only because he will become the immediate superior of the governors, but in accordance with the new law, he will have an enormous influence in the town councils of the country, and also on the orientation of the National police force.
The ex vice-president Jaime David Fernández Mirabal will be placed in the agricultural sector, as secretary of Agriculture, but with the capacities to put these institutions in condition of recovering the votes of the field facing the re-election.
The agronomist Pedro Bretón will occupy the executive direction of the Institute of Stabilization of Prices (INESPRE), engineer Paíno Abreu will return to the Dominican Agricultural Institute (IAD) and Carlos Segura Foster to the Agricultural Bank.
Decrees await an answer of Danilo Medina to be emitted, in virtue of which the First Agent offered the occasion to him to place one his people at the secretariat of the Presidency, and itself, if he wishes it, at the secretariat of the Foreign Relations.
The source indicated that without answer of Medina, the wallet of the Presidency would go to Luis Manual Bonetti; the Administrative secretariat would pass to engineer Felix Bautista, while Ramón Fadul would ensure the secretariat of Tourism.
The president already accepted the nomination of Luis Seliman at the Monetary Parliament, of the graduate Angel Lockward at the Housing National Bank (BNV), Luis Jose González Sánchez at the consulate of Panama and Joaquin Ricardo at the Airport department.
However, our source ensured that president Fernández continues to look for figures of opposition or for independents improve the image of the government in the critical sectors and the public services like the public health, the sector of water, the security of the citizens, the prices of food, the environment and public works.

El Libelo, 15.08.2007

Lifting of restrictive measures on alcohol sales for today and tomorrow

The Secretariat of Interior and Police force gave the green light to allow that the centers of entertainment remain open without time limits from yesterday evening to 2 am on Saturday morning.

According to a press release of the institution, the measures which regulate the times for the sale of alcoholic drinks will be lifted during two days in all the country. The Presidential decrees will not be applied on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of this month , they explained.

The lifting of measures was adopted to celebrate the 144th birthday of the Restoration of the Republic.

El Caribe, byYanessi Espinal, 16.08.07

Dean and Erin

Erin, the 5th tropical storm of the season made its apparition yesterday and it is at 140 miles in the south-west of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Regarding Dean, it gained hurricane strength this morning and it is located at 625 miles in the east of Barbados.

According to the last forecasts it would cross the south of the Dominican Republic as from Saturday midday.

Tomorrow morning from 8 am, LTL will give an update of the evolution every 6 hours.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 16.08.07

August 16th, Restoration Day in Dominican Republic

We are in 1844, the battles rage between Haitians and Dominicans. The Haitians have controlled the island for more than 20 years, French and Spanish left for a long time. On this date, the island is definitively separate in 2 parts. Independence is declared and the western part takes the name of Dominican Republic on February 27th, 1844.

The « 3 brothers of the fatherland » , Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Ramón Mella, succeeded in releasing the country of the Haitian domination thanks to the effectiveness of their secret society La Trinitaria.

However nothing is easy, the fight for the power will oppose during the 25 following years the Generals Pedro Santana and Buenaventura Báez. Facing the expansionist wills of Haiti and on the request of Dominican President Santana, the country becomes again a Spanish colony for 4 years ! ! !

August 16th, 1863, a new rebellion breaks out against this domination, and the Restauration of the Republic is proclaimed.

The war of the Restoration started, carried out by the Luperón General. It ends with the rout of the Spanish armies in 1865.

The 2nd Republic was born.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS & Wikipedia,Las Terrenas Live, 16.08.07

Leonel inaugurates the restoration of the Monument of Santiago

Under a persistent drizzle and with a salvo of 21 gun blows, president Leonel Fernández inaugurated yesterday evening the restoration of the Monument of the Heroes of the Restoration, rebuilt by the Secretariat of the Culture with an investment higher than 100 million RD $.

The President arrived at 18h at the Monument where he was received by civil servants of the Government, by special guests and by militants of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

The main speech was made by the secretary of the Culture, Rafaël Lantigua, who declared that the work carried out on the Monument constitutes a new vision of its historical, patriotic and cultural contents.

Diplomatic representations of Japan, Venezuela, Peru and Haiti attended the event as well as the mayor of Santiago, Enrique Sued, Governor Izquierdo, and representatives of cultural institutions.

During the inauguration of the roads, the President announced that the building work of the road which links Santiago with the community of El Licey will be intensified.

With Fefita

President Leonel Fernández inaugurated also yesterday the streets of the sector Los Laureles of Santiago and visited the popular merenguera Manuela Josefa Cabrera (Fefita la Grande) in the residence of the typical music player.

Diario Libre, by Cornelio Batista, 17.08.2007

Reduction of the homicides under the management of Santana Páez

During two years of management at the head of the Police force, General Bernardo Santana Páez obtained the reduction of the index of homicides, 12% in the Distrito Nacional and 19% in the commune of Santo Domingo Este.

The high official compares his management with that of his predecessors Jaime Marte Martínez and Manuel Jesus Pérez Sánchez, during which the index of homicides was 1.053 over the period 2003-2004, which corresponds to Marte, and 1.064 from August 2004 to August 2005, for the period of Pérez.

The report also mentions the creation of the Scientific Police force Unit, with human resources trained abroad on the collection of evidence and on the handling of the scenes of crime. This unit equipped with advanced technology specific to the advanced countries, includes a computer with integrated system.

Another of the achievements of the management of Santana Páez is to have dismissed 783 members, including 17 senior officials, for faults, infringements, offences or crimes, by sanctioning them in agreement with the law, and by subjecting them to the Justice.

El Diario Libre, by Adonis Santiago Díaz, 17.08.07

Dominican, U.S. agents again sweep the east for drugs

SANTO DOMINGO – Since Wednesday night the Dominican military, narcotics agents (DNCD), and of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conducted a wide sweep of the country’s east region, in search of a drug shipment presumably dropped from a small airplane, a practice now common in that area.

The air, sea and land operation took place from San Pedro to Cumayasa, just west of La Romana, and later expanded to Bayahíbe, near the National Park of the East, an isolated area known for drug drops.
The information indicate that until mid-morning today had been nothing, reason why arranged that the tracking by all the zone stayed.

DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebrón said the operation seeks to locate a suspected shipment of drugs, which had been airdropped.

On Monday night the Navy seized 98.3 kilos of cocaine which 3 men transported in a boat near the beach at El Cortecito, in Higüey. Rómulo Laureano, Andrés Rodriguez Espinal and Analdo Francisco Mora were arrested and charged with the possession of 95 packages of cocaine in the ‘Jose David 1’ fishing boat.

The three suspects were detained shortly after gathering the drug in the Mona Pass.

Last weekend the DNCD and the Navy found 300 kilos of cocaine on board the boat « Sunshine Hope Quest,  » tied in the wharf at El Cortecito, near Bavaro. The U.S.-registry boat had arrived from Miami, and Severino Solano and Francisco Zorrilla were arrested.

Dominican Today, 17.08.07

The gasoline increases

The Secretariat of Commerce and Industry raised the fuel prices as from this Saturday, after a reduction in those during the three last weeks.
The gallon of Premiun gasoline increased of RD $2.10 to be sold at RD $150,90, while the price of the gallon of regular gasoline increased of RD $3.40 and will cost RD $140.40.
The regular gas oil will be sold at RD $112.60, an increase of RD $2.30 compared to its price. The kerosene will be sold at RD $110.40, with an increase of RD $2.90. The Liquid subsidized Oil Gas (GLP) will be sold at RD $51.92, and at RD $73.68 for the not subsidized, which implies respectively a rise of RD $0.77 centimes.
Industry and Commerce informed that the increase of fuels prices is due to the rises on the market because of the cyclonic activity in the Gulf of Mexico as to a bigger fall than foreseen in the oil inventories of the United States.

Hoy Digital, by Juan M Ramirez, 18.08.07

Calm weather before rains, winds and floods

The hurricane Dean, which is moving towards the Caribbean, would not have direct impact on the Dominican Republic but will cause rains, winds and floods, informed this Friday the president of the National Commission on Emergency (COE) and the director of Civil Defense, Major General Luís Antonio Luna Paulino.
The civil servant incited the population to carefully listen the advisories emitted by the Commission.
He announced to the residents of the Eastern area and of the Southern littoral that they must strictly follow the advisories on the behavior of this phenomenon and to be vigilant in front of possible winds, abnormal tides and floods associated with conditions of tropical storm caused by hurricane Dean.
Today at 7:00 the center of hurricane Dean was localized at 845 kilometers of the South-east of Cabo Engaño, latitude 14.3 North and longitude 61.5 West, informed the National Office of Meteorology (ONAMET). The organization indicates that Dean moves with winds of 160 kilometers per hour, maintaining it in category 2 of the Saffir-Simpson scale.
ONAMET informed that the natural phenomenon moves towards the West at 39 kilometers per hour, and if it continues its current trajectory it would place its center at 375 kilometers at the South-east of the Saona Island on Saturday morning.
ONAMET informed that the accumulated values of rainfalls associated with Dean will be between 50 and 125 millimeters with isolated higher amounts.
As for the maritime conditions it informed that Dean can produce flooding of 2 to 4 feet above normal tide levels…accompanied by large and dangerous battering waves.

Al Momento, by RAMON GONZALEZ, 17.08.07

Tropical storm warning for the South of the country

Dean crossed over Martinique making a death and 6 injured persons.

Today the hurricane strengths to category 3 and still moves towards the west at approximately 37 Km/h.
The maximum sustained winds are now 170 Km/h with higher gusts.

Today Friday 17th at 02 pm, the eye of the cyclone was at 750 km of Cabo Engaño, the extreme east point of Dominican Republic.
The total diameter of the phenomenon is about 440 km with hurricane winds extending up to 25 km from the eye.

According to the forecasts the winds would start to affect Dominican Republic at the end of the evening to intensify during the night.
A hurricane warning is in effect for the south of the country which is waiting for strong rains tomorrow at 11 am, period of the strongest intensity of the winds.

More details in the next advisory at 08 pm this evening.

To see the satellite images: lantiquenordsystenco urs.htm

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 17.08.07 @ 15h (local time)

Dean strengths to category 4

The National Office of Meteorology of Dominican Republic emitted a hurricane warning from Barahona westward to Pedernales, including the localities of the south-west of the country.

The Provinces of Altagracia, La Romana, San Pedro de Macorís, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, San Cristóbal, Peravia and Bahoruco are under red alert and the rest of the country under green alert.

An air force reserve hurricane hunter reported winds going up to 230 Km/h increasing the capacity of disaster of the phenomenon.

Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 95 km from the center and tropical strom winds extend outward up to 330 km.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 17.08.07 @ 20h (local time)

Flights towards the Caribbean islands cancelled

LAS AMERICAS AIRPORT – Because of the hurricane Dean, from yesterday Friday the commercial flights of passengers from Dominican Republic to Saint Martin, Sainte Croix, Guadeloupe, Saint Thomas and Sainte Lucie islands have been cancelled.

Many passengers remained blocked in the terminal of Las Américas in the east of Santo Domingo, as confirmed by

The cancelled flights pertains to American Eagle, Aerocaribbean, Liat, Air Caraïbes and Air Antilles Express companies.

Meanwhile, the flights from and towards the United States and Europe were maintained yesterday operating with normality since this terminal.

The Dominican Airports XXI (Aerodom), have applied since Thursday an emergency plan because of the hurricane Dean, informed the director of communication of this consortium, Yolanda Mañán.

Mañán indicated that measures included the cleaning of the pipes, the protection of the building window panes and of the antennas, as well as the protection of the small planes.

Delayed travel of Ferry

The ferry « Caribbean Express » , which foreseen to arrive today in Santo Domingo from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, did not weigh anchor yesterday evening following the necessary closing of the Dominican capital harbor, informed Néstor González, president of the company Ferries del Caribe.

He explained that the boat would weigh the anchor from Mayaguez at 08h00 on Saturday evening and that it would arrive in Santo Domingo on Sunday morning.

Al Momento, 18.08.07

Hurricane: the Government adopts preventive measures

The local Center for Emergency Operations (COE) – set up yesterday preventive measures, in order to decrease the effects of the hurricane Dean, to face its imminent arrival on the Southern coast of the country on Saturday.

Measures were made public by the director of the COE, Colonel Juan Manuel Méndez García.

The representatives of various official agencies which form the Committee of the Emergency Operations attended yesterday a meeting to set up plans to face the consequences which would leave on its path the atmospheric phenomenon.


The various official institutions informed yesterday that they are ready to face the possible effects of the hurricane Dean.

General Luís A Luna Paulino, president of the National Committee of Emergency, and Colonel Manuel Méndez García, director of the Center for the Emergency Operations – COE -, invited the population to strictly follow the instructions of the National Office of Meteorology and of the assistance organizations.

According to the Secretariat of Public Health, all the public hospitals are prepared with medical and nurse personnel, as well as with emergency drugs.

On its side, the Dominican Red Cross announced that 20 thousand volunteers will be moved in 100 strategic points, with ambulances, doctors and with assistance personnel to face any possibility.

Yesterday, all the operations in the harbor of Haina were suspended, while special security measures were adopted in the principal airports.

Hoy Digital, by Teofilo Abreu, 18.08.07

10:30 am, entrance of Hurricane Dean in Dominican Republic

The tropical wave just arrived over Las Terrenas; it is 11:00 am, after a first downpour at approximately 4:30 am.

The cyclone is still a category 4 hurricane and will hit the south more intensively around 4:00 pm, local time.

Next advisory in the afternoon.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 18.08.07 @ 11:00 am, local time

2 killed and many injured people in Santo Domingo

The hurricane Dean is currently at the vertical of the Dominican Republic and at its maximum intensity over the Capital, Santo Domingo, and over the south of the island.

The phenomenon already made two died two hours ago, when the two victims took refuge in a wood and zinc house which suddenly broke down following a wind gust of 130 Km/h.

The conditions of hurricane and disaster were confirmed and a hurricane warning remains in effect for the south of the country until tomorrow morning.

The cyclone is moving toward the west-northwest near 30 Km/h and the maximum sustained winds remain near 190 Km/h . The eye of hurricane Dean was located about 410 km of Barahona in the extreme south of the country.

In Las Terrenas, after the downpour of this morning, the weather remained stable with weak wind gusts.

At 04:15 pm local time, the rains started again and should last the whole evening.

Next advisory « Si Dios quiere », in the evening.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 18.08.07 @ 16h30 local time

Hurricane Dean is moving away from Dominican Republic

At 06:00 am (local time) on Sunday, the cyclone moved over 150 km of Barahona, in the south-west of the country, where the majority of the population was evacuated by security measure.

The authorities of the National Commission of Emergency informed that the hurricane warning was maintained in the Provinces of Barahona, Pedernales and Bahoruco.

A 16-year old Haitian young man died yesterday on the coast at km 15 of the Capital, swept away by the waves whereas he was looking for crabs in the rocks.

Another 24 year-old person who was making Surf was only just rescued.

According to the forecasts, Dean will hit Jamaica this afternoon for moving towards Cuba and then the Yucatán Peninsula. (Mexico).

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 19.08.07

315 residences damaged

After its passage close to the Dominican Republic the hurricane Dean leaves behind him the assessment of at least 3 killed people, of thousand 580 evacuated, 315 affected residences and the province of Pedernales cut off, informed the National Commission of Emergency (CNE).
The organization said that starting from today the evaluations of the probable damage to agriculture will be made.
To resist the Dean effects, the Social Plan of the Presidency distributed food, mattress and mosquito nets in the five affected provinces. The provinces of Barahona, Pedernales, Independencia, San Cristóbal, San Pedro de Macorís and Santo Domingo received rations, as well as approximately 1.500 people of the Manresa sector, at kilometer 30 of the Sánchez road.
On its side, the National Office of Meteorology (Onamet) discontinued the tropical storm watching from Barahona to Pedernales while maintaining vigilance against floods and landslides for the residents of the south-western area and the Bajo Yuna.
Luna Paulino informed that during the logistics preparations to face the imminent passage of the hurricane Dean on the southern coast of the country, the emergencies committees, as well provincial as municipal, were activated without polemic and without taking into account the political sympathies.
He qualified as important the mobilization of the soldiers of the southern area, in his opinion, this contributed to the psychological wellbeing of these Communities in this type of emergency.

The COE also informed that 196 families were moved in the official refuges.

El Caribe, 20.08.07

The new chief of the Police force traces the lines of his management

The new chief of the National Police force, General Rafaël Guillermo Guzmán Fermín, said yesterday that he will carry out responsible and energetic police management , with tolerance zero to the delinquency, but careful, by applying the concept of Police force Community.

Guzmán Fermín said that he will base his management on the crimes prevention. We will make big efforts regarding prevention , he added.

He declared that he starts his functions with the firm vision to carry quietness where anarchy is, but by respecting the human rights of the citizens. “We will not allow an abuse towards the citizens.

For the new police chief, the country deserves an effective Police force, where the policemen and the citizens work together for the same cause .

Hoy Digital, by Radhamés González, 20.08.07

Marcos Díaz the Dolphin of the Caribbean

NEW YORK – The Dominican swimmer Marcos Díaz carried out the exploit of which some people doubted… Díaz made two turns around the island of Manhattan in 22 hours and 14 minutes to establish a new world open water record.

I am very happy to have achieved the goal that we fixed and to honor the name of the Dominican Republic , said Díaz a few minutes after having finished his performance.
Díaz reported that he never doubted to conquer the Hudson River, East Side and Harlem River, which surround the popular New Yorkean Island.
 We had a very clear objective, we had to reach it, it is what we did , commented Marcos to the international press.

The swimming around Manhattan was for the benefit of children affected by leukemia in Dominican Republic and for the Pediatric Hospital Robert Reid Cabral through the Foundation Marcos Díaz, which seeks private donations and companies for the children who have cancer and for a program devoted to little children affected by asthma.
Hundreds of Dominican residents of the town of New York were here to support the Dominican swimmer.
He thanked the Dominican government for the support received for the swimming by the means of the Presidency of the Republic, the Secretariat of Sports, the Secretariat of Youth, as well as the Chamber of Deputies, the Drugs National Council, Tricom, American Airlines, Brugal, among other sponsors.

El Caribe, 20.08.07

Flights resumption in Las Américas

The air traffic between Dominican Republic, South America, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean islands get back into normal on Sunday following the interruption of Saturday because of the passage on the southern coast of the country of the hurricane Dean.

American Airlines, which operates the largest volume of the air operations from and towards the United States, get back to normal activities of its flights to New York and Miami in Florida while the airlines Copa, Aeropostal and Aserca took again their scheduled flights towards the countries of South America and the islands of the Caribbean.

The companies Iberia and Air Europe, which cancelled their flights from Dominican Republic to Madrid, Spain, also announced the resumption of their operations.

On last Saturday all the air operations had been cancelled following the passage of the hurricane Dean on the southern coast of the country, which caused two killed persons in Haiti, two in Martinique and at least three in Dominican Republic, and which hit yesterday the coasts of Jamaica.

It has also started to cause heavy rains in the eastern part of Cuba, where some 60.000 people were evacuated.

El Viajero Digital, 20.08.07

Public Holiday today in Dominican Republic

The majority of the commercial and industrial activities, those of the public and private offices, are suspended today in Dominican Republic.
This because today takes place the public holiday of the Restoration Day, which – although it was commemorated on last Thursday August 16 – was moved to this Monday.
A law in force establishes that the public holidays which fall in the middle of the week must be moved to Monday or Friday, in order to not cause interruptions in work, except for the religious celebrations.
The public holiday of today is more notorious by the fact that the Dominicans were paralyzed on Saturday and Sunday because of the threat and the rains of the hurricane Dean.

Al Momento, 20.08.07

Leonel starts to create a cabinet for the re-election

SD – The violent winds of the change within the cabinet blew yesterday with force and they concern the secretaries of Public Works, of the Environment and of Industry and Commerce, as well as 6 general managers.

Because of the origin of some appointed, the winds strengthen the political project of the president of the Republic. Such is the case of Freddy Majluta, brother of Jacobo Majluta, new manager of Corphotel, and of Angela Peña, daughter of Peña Gómez, sub-manager of the Frontier Development.

Other responsibilities with political tendency benefit Héctor Rodriguez Pimentel, head of dissidence in the center of the PRSC, appointed in Indrhi, and Rafaël Peguero Méndez, appointed in Indesur.

Omar Ramirez and Melaneo Paredes, supporter of Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, are the new secretaries of the Environment and of Industry and Commerce.

Diario Libre, 20.08.07

Human rights threatened with the new chief of the NP

National Police Force

Defenders groups of the human rights considered the designation of new chief of the Police force, Major General Rafaël Guillermo Guzmán Fermín, as a « decline for the country », because according to them, the way in which he carried out the Regional Management in the North-East in 2003, disqualifies him for this function.

Although the president of the Dominican Committee of the Human Rights (CDH), Virgilio Almánzar, understands that Guzmán Fermín begins his mandate with the responsibility of applying the hardness of the law against the delinquency, for the CNDH, it is to laugh at the population, because the new chief of the police force has pending files in San Francisco de Macorís, said Manuel María Mercedes.

We have to remember that Guzmán Fermín was baptized « Chief of the Surgeons »; and that with this nomination, the Executive power rejects two preceding managements, he said.

Because precisely, managements of Major General Manuel Jesús Pérez Sánchez and of Major General Bernardo Santana Páez, were characterized by the respect of the human rights and a visible rapprochement with the civil population. These two managements are qualified as excellent by the CNDH and this organization delivered to Santana Páez the most granted honor to those who protect the human rights, « the Medal of the Merit ».

Major Général Guzmán Fermín became famous during his management in the North-East because – according to the CNDH and the Collective of Popular Organizations -, young people were wounded by bullet in the knees or in the spinal column, leaving them invalid. I will have a management responsible and energetic, with tolerance zero for the delinquency, were the first words of Guzmán Fermín at the time of his nomination. Mercedes says that this nomination is to make fun of the parents of more than 100 handicapped young people in the Communities of the North-East.

For this reason we convene the Commission on this Sunday in order to define our procedure to face the appointment of the new chief of the Police force, of whom the characteristics and the activities are completely unworthy of a State with legal rights.

There is no problem to be hard with the delinquency but it is necessary to respect the human rights of all the citizens, Almánzar said.

The new actions of the new chief of the Police force started yesterday with the death of a chief and a delinquent during gun shootings in the sector María Auxiliadora.

Diario Libre, by Adonis Santiago Díaz, 20.08.07

Start of the new school year today in the country

Two million four hundred thousand sixty-three million hundred thirty students (2.463.130) have started today the school year, official beginning vital to achieve the Goals of the Millennium in education: to not record all the 5-year old children in the schools will make very difficult obtaining that in 2015 all the 15 year-old children have a nine years minimal schooling.

The official opening of this new school year will take place at 8:00 am, in the Center of Excellence of Education « Cristina Billini Morales » of Los Guaricanos.

The ceremony will be directed by the president of the Republic, Leonel Fernández Reyna, who will be accompanied by the secretary of Education, Alejandrina Germán.

The start of the school year was delayed in any community in spite of the passage of the hurricane Dean. Germán explained that the only school which had to be used as refuge is located in Barahona and it was evacuated yesterday morning.

We exhort all national educational Communities to continue to support the Secretariat of Education because an education of quality is not the exclusive responsibility of the State, but of all the sectors of the national life, particularly of the families .

By offering more details over the school year, Germán indicated that the public sector will have more than 32 thousand classrooms at disposal corresponding to 11.890 educational centers. Thousand and nine hundred seventy nine of the establishments were repaired and refreshed during the summer thanks to the Improvement and Embellishment School Day, for which Education invested 219, 779,457 RD $.

Germán announced as of the first week of the school calendar, 14 million text books , 80 thousand grants for teachers, 300 thousand bags with school material and 200 thousand uniforms and shoes will be distributed.

Hoy Digital, by Marien Aristy C., 21.08.07

Dean did not make damage on the beaches of the East zone

The secretary of Tourism, Felix Jiménez, said yesterday that the hurricane Dean does not have affected the tourist poles of the Dominican Republic and that the greatest part of the East zone remained in perfect state, except for Juan Dolio, where the sea waters of the Caribbean soiled the sand of waste.
He said that in the East the beaches did not suffer from damage and that even a film shooting was carried out yesterday in Punta Cana.
He declared that the hotels of Santiago and Puerto Plata operated in a normal way and that they maintained a good occupation rate.
Jiménez inspected yesterday the tourist pole of the East and Juan Dolio.
He expressed that there were neither regrettable situations, nor human losses.

Hoy Digital, by Llennis Jiménez G., 21.08.07

American Eagle starts flights to lush Dominican province, Samaná

Santo Domingo – American Eagle, the American Airlines regional affiliate carrier, said it will begin a new service from Samaná (northeast) to San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 13. The airline will fly from Samaná with a 64 passenger Super ATR plane.

Our customers in the Dominican Republic were asking for this service, said Rafael Sanchez, of American Airlines in the Dominican Republic. Samaná is a destination with an extraordinary potential and this new service will complement the development of the zone, which will result in a solid drive to the local economy.

Samaná is an attraction for nature lovers and those with a thirst for adventure. Its natural beauty makes it very attractive for newlyweds, who seek unexplored areas for diving and to watch the humpback whales that visit the area.

Dominican Today, 21.08.07

The biggest dealer of Las Terrenas, Samaná and Sanchez arrested by the DNCD

During the days from Friday to Sunday of the last week, the president of the anti-drug agency, Major General Rafaël Radhamés Ramirez Ferreira, informed that more than 50 sale and distribution of narcotics points had been dismantled.

The Police force added that an important participation of coordinators took place, as well as the participation of the members of the Armed Forces.

Among the prisoners appears the most remarkable and more violent drugs distributor of Samaná, known as Alex Green Disney and/or Robinson Alenzader Alcala, alias Manota, who was looked for by the Police.

This person had the control of the distributions points of Samaná, Sánchez and Las Terrenas, but he is now in the hands of justice. It remains to determine the fate of this delinquent , the Major said.

Green Disney was caught with 250 grams of cocaine and a package of marijuana in the street Epifanio Spowder, of the district Villa Faima, according to the report of the chief of the DNCD (National Direction of Drugs Control), who made the announcement through his spokesman, the journalist Robert Lebrón.

We were looking for this person since months, but fortunately he was arrested in flagrant offence, so we hope he will be sent to the court, he added.

El Nuevo Diario,21.08.07

At the end of the year, the country will add 3.025 hotel rooms

Yesterday, the Secretariat of Tourism informed that this year 3.025 new hotel rooms on the East and North coasts of the country will be operational. Statistics of 2006 indicate that Dominican Republic has 63.206 tourist rooms.
The number of new rooms was increased mainly in Puerto Plata, Las Terrenas, Samaná, Bavaro, Bayahíbe and Punta Cana, including San Pedro de Macorís. And 452 rooms were renovated.
Among the hotels which carried out this extension there are Viva Windham of Playa Dorada with 14 rooms, Bahía Estela Caribe, Las Terrenas with a total of 82, and Cayacoa, Samaná with 183 rooms.
Among the hotels which renovated their rooms we find Cayo Levantado with 214 rooms and Bahía Príncipe Gran Bahía with 108, both located in Samaná.

Listin Diario, by Désirée Martinez, 21.08.07

Leonel continues painting Government with various colors

President Leonel Fernández performed yesterday new designations within the public administration, the majority apparently benefiting leaders from minority parties which become allied in his aspirations to continue at the power.
Among these movements, disagreeable for Angel Lockward, who gave his dismissal because they did not give him any « power » , the Executive incorporated in the Government, by means of decrees, leaders of the PRD, in particular of the partisans of Fello Suberví, and of the parties of the Veterans and Civils (PNVC), of Democratic Quisqueyano (PQD), National Unity (PUN), Christian Popular (PPC), and National Rebirth (PRN).
By means of the last two decrees of yesterday evening, Elías Wessin Chávez was nominated to the National Goods, as Secretary of State, and Nelson Didiez, was nominated ambassador assigned to the Chancellery.

Diario Libre, 21.08.07

They seek to withdraw Reggaetón music

The National Service of Drugs Control and the office of the Attorney General announced yesterday that they will implement measures to try to withdraw Reggaetón from the radio transmissions because it would encourage the narcotics consumption.
This statement was made by the president of the National Office of Drugs Control, Rafaël Ramirez Ferreiras, during a conversation with journalists during the act of accounts surrender of the Attorney General of the Republic, Radhamés Jiménez.

Reggaetón justifies the consumption of the prohibited substances and we are implementing a plan with several lawyers, but initially we will ask for the co-operation of the music programmers, indicated Ramirez.

Questioned on this subject, the Prosecutor Jiménez indicated that Reggaetón is a type of music which makes an attempt on the morality, this is why, in his opinion, its diffusion must be controlled, he added: I do not believe that this music must be diffused by the radios, but we must put ourselves in contact with the Public Spectacles Commission and the Institute of Telecommunications to establish a final brake.

For his part, the President of the Drugs National Council, Mabel Féliz, said that it is necessary to have the control of the music which supports violence. She said, in addition, being making research on the sales in the country of a transfer which causes absorption of drug by the pores in the children. While representative of Children and Teenagers of the Attorney General office, Marisol Tobal, supported the elimination of the « satanic » music.

El Caribe, by Tomás Vidal, 22.08.07

All flights, schedules, companies from and to El Catey

Here is the list of the flights planned until April 28th, 2008, for some Airline companies, from and to the International airport El Catey Samaná.

As announced in an article of May and then of last June, the flights Barcelona – El Catey are confirmed until the end of August, as well as the flights from Milan (Malpensa) until December 16th of this year.


Arriving from Paris CDG (A330), arrival at 12h05 every Thursday, confirmed until October 25th, 2007
Departure for Puerto Plata the same day at 13h35


Arriving from Madrid (A313), arrival at 19h35 every Tuesday, confirmed until October 30th, 2007
Departure for Montego Bay the same day at 20h50

Arriving from Barcelona (A343), arrival at 20h05 every Friday, confirmed until August 31st, 2007
Departure for Barcelona the same day at 21h30

Arriving from Barcelona (A310), arrival at 16h30 every Friday, confirmed until September 28th, 2007
Departure for Punta Cana the same day at 18h00

Company CONDOR

Arriving from Frankfort (B767), arrival at 18h30 every Tuesday, confirmed until October 30th, 2007
Departure for Puerto Plata the same day at 19h30

Company LTU

Arriving from Dusseldorf (A330), arrival at 14h50 every Tuesday, confirmed until October 30th, 2007
Departure for Puerto Plata the same day at 15h50


Arriving from Malpensa (B767), arrival at 13h00 every Sunday, confirmed until December 16th, 2007
Departure for La Romana the same day at 14h00


Arriving from London (B767), arrival at 15h30 every Thursday, confirmed until October 25th, 2007
Departure for London the same day at 17h45

Company SATA

Arriving from Lisbon (A310), arrival at 15h50 every Saturday confirmed until October 27th, 2007
Departure for Lisbon the same day at 17h50


Arriving from Montreal (B737), arrival at 14h45 every Monday, confirmed until March 3rd, 2008
Departure for Montreal the same day at 15h35
Arriving from Montreal (B737), arrival at 13h45 every Monday, confirmed until April 28th, 2008
Departure for Montreal the same day at 14h35


Arriving from Punta Cana (B744), arrival at 20h25 every Sunday, confirmed until December 16th, 2007
Departure for Paris Orly the same day at 21h55
Arriving from Paris Orly (B744), arrival at 18h00 every Sunday, confirmed March 23rd, 2008
Departure for Paris Orly the same day at 20h40

Sylvain MAUFRAIS (source Aérodom),Las Terrenas Live, 23.08.07

Support and rejection of the abortion de-penalization

With the assistance of the members of the Catholic and Evangelist churches, politicians and organizations of civil companies, the Special subcommittee of Deputy Chamber listened to proposals of support and of rejection of the de-penalization of abortion.

The public meeting, which is the second to take place with this purpose, took place in the Living room of the National Assembly, in the National Congress.

From the first hours of the morning, the representatives of churches, women organizations, academic institutions, professionals and independent people arrived and each one disposed of 5 minutes to expose their position compared to the modification of article 98 of the Penal code concerning the de-penalization of the practice of the abortion.

For this occasion some 125 people were registered among whom the presidential candidate of the Christian Social Reformist Party, Amable Aristy Castro, who expressed the rejection of de-penalization of the abortion from his party.

The Living room of the National Assembly was blocked by people who arrived at the National Congress by various ways carrying placards and shouting slogans as well in favor as against the permission of the termination of pregnancy.

Criticisms of the de-penalization of the abortion consider that if the termination of pregnancy is allowed, the Dominican Republic would be seen at the international level as the slaughter-house of the Caribbean.

While those who support the de-penalization, among whom the Dominican Medical College and the owners of private clinics as well as many women organizations and civil companies, argue that it is necessary to let the women to have the possibility of deciding on their pregnancy or when this one endangers the life of the woman.

After a difficult fight of the Dominican Medical College and other institutions requiring that the abortion in certain circumstances will not be penalized, the Executive power decided to return the Penal code in order to re-study it.

According to article 98 of the Penal code, the person who by means of food, of beverages, drugs, of probes, treatments or by another mean causes or cooperates directly to the abortion of a woman, even if it is agreeing, will be punished of a prison sentence from 4 to 10 years, same sentence will be applied to the woman who will cause an abortion.

El Caribe, by Máximo Zabala, 23.08.07

Yes for Reggaetón

Reggaetón is again in the eye of the cyclone when this kind of music enjoys an enviable popularity.

Directors and hosts of the principal radio stations which promote this music rejected yesterday the intentions which seek to withdraw this rhythm of the radios and televisions, according to the announcement of the representatives of the Attorney General of the Republic office and of the National Office of Drugs Control.

Ingrid Durán and Junior Sosa, directors of the radio stations Mortal FM (104.9) and KQ 94 as well as other radio hosts interviewed yesterday by El Caribe, completely rejected the censure of the popular music coming from Puerto Rico asked by the authorities.

Reggaetón has interpreters who have topics containing Christian messages” , ensured Durán.  Do they want to withdraw these songs from the radio stations ? These decisions of censure are doubtful he indicated.

In the same way, Junior Sosa emphasized: I believe that the problem is not there, every time we want to occult something, people point a finger at urban music. No, the evil is not there. The evil is in the twenty thousand drug points operating there as Ramirez Ferreiras said.


The president of the National Office of Drugs Control (DNCD) clarified yesterday that he is not opposed to this kind of music but on the lyrics which encourage the consumption of narcotics and violence, because their diffusion violates article 36 of Law 50-88.


The radio directors interviewed by El Caribe say that Ramirez and Jiménez are behind the time as the Reggaetón is currently an industry which produces million dollars on a world level.
According to program planners of the urban music emissions, they do not diffuse songs which implicitly profess contents evoking the consumption of drugs.

Various musical styles always existed, an example of the attacks that Reggaetón undergoes today is what occurred at the beginnings of the Rock’n’roll, which was also a phenomenon during the Seventies and produced debates compared to the contents of its words, remembered Rafy El Negro, host of Kiss 94.9.

They recognize that in the beginning, Reggaetón promoted an aggressive language, as well verbal as in its sounds which referred to the use of firearms, but they consider that the music evolved positively.

The times changed and currently we have romantic lyrics, an example is the success of « Quizás » interpreted by Rakin & Ken-Y, argued Rafy.

El Caribe, by 23.08.07

Bakers announce increasing in bread price

The breads « sobao » and « of agua » sold at RD $3.00 will raise to RD $5.00 while keeping their current sizes, but another cheaper bread will be proposed to the consumers for RD $3.00 as from this Friday, informed the president of the Union of Flour Manufacturers, Antonio Delgado.

He said that the increase in prices and other measures were adopted by the bakers because of the increase of the accessories used for the manufacture of this product.

Interviewed during the program Despierta con CDN, he said that with the time, the bread at RD $3.00 will also disappear because the consumers will put it aside .

We made this decision because of the rise in the gas prices, the gallon is sold 77 RD $, of the flour prices, of the sugars and of other ingredients , he explained.

He declared that the bakers increased only the price of the bread on two occasions during the eight last years, while the products used for its manufacture were increased more than eight times. He thinks that the sales of this product will undergo a reduction in the first days of their practical application, but will come back then to normality.

Al Momento, by Ramón González, 23.08.07

Malecón repair will cost 30 million pesos

The preliminary evaluations carried out by the Town council of the Distrito Nacional on the part of Malecón which was destroyed by the hurricane « Dean » , indicate that it will be necessary to invest around RD $30 million to restore it.
The Mayor Roberto Salcedo said that the budget will have to be subjected to the consideration of the Chapter house, since these resources are not part of the budget of this year.
He estimated that the Malecón could be completely restored for December, and he announced that the most difficult part will be to clean the reefs because of the danger of the introduction of heavy machines into this part of the coastal band.
The metropolitan syndic explained that in the points affected by the strong waves which damaged the coral barrier, it will be necessary to carry out a filling similar to that built by the ADN between the Avenue Alma Mater and the Street San Gerónimo.
In the same way, he said that they will have to make an investment for the restoration of the tree zones of the coasts.
Salcedo envisaged to make a course tomorrow on the coasts of the Capital to see from another angle the damage caused by the phenomenon. He will be accompanied by technicians of the Seismological Institute.

Diario Libre, 23.08.07

Hurricane Dean caused 6 deaths in Dominican Republic

Dominican Civil Defense authorities today found the bodies of two more fishermen who disappeared after a boat with eight aboard capsized in Tavera dam, which brings the official death toll from Hurricane Dean to six.

It said rescuers today recovered the bodies of the two fishermen who were still missing, after the corpses of the other three missing were found between Monday and Tuesday.

The victims Manuel Sanchez, 30; Antonio Javier Peña, 18; Jose Miguel Taveras, 20; Angel Francisco Fabian, 26, and Javier Taveras Rodriguez, whose age was not provided, were natives of the township Arenoso, Santiago province.

The victims were fishing in the company of three others who managed to swim ashore, as Sunday night’s winds torrential rains capsized their boat in Tavera dam, near the community Baitoa. The authorities had issued warnings to small craft on the danger posed by Hurricane Dean.

The sixth victim, Daniel Setil, a Haitian boy, was killed when a tall wave dragged him to the rocky surf in the country’s Caribbean shore. He was part of the crowds gathered along the Malecon to observe waves churned by Hurricane Dean as they crashed over the cliffs.

Dominican Today, 23.08.07

Increase of plates, bread and insurance prices postponed

Last night, President Leonel Fernández said that the Government is aware that they cannot impose other taxes affecting incomes of the population this is why he ordered the immediate suspension of the increase on the prices of the plates renewal for motor vehicles.
The increase of the insurance for motor vehicles required by the companies also remained without effect.
In the same way, after a meeting with the secretary of the Industry and Commerce, the union of the Industrial of Flour postponed the increase of the bread prices, to analyze the causes of the increase of the costs and to look for alternate solutions.

Diario Libre, 24.08.07

NP Agents fired DNCD agent

Yesterday, agents of the Criminal Research Department of the Police force involuntarily wounded with a firearm a member of the Drugs Control Office, during an operation in a district of LasTerrenas.
Manuel Sánchez Mateo, 29-year old, assigned to the North-eastern Division of the DNCD having its headquarter in Sánchez, was wounded by a gun fire in the buttocks when members of the Police force carrying out an operation at the riverside which separates the districts Come Pan and Caño Seco fired anti-drug agents who carried out a surveillance mission around a point of drug distribution.
According to the report of the department of the public relations of the North-eastern Regional Commando, by seeing agents dressed like civil people, they thought that they were narco traffickers, and ordered the fires which wounded Sánchez Mateo. According to reports, several points of drug distribution operate at the place where the fire takes place.
The agent of the DNCD was admitted to the public hospital of Las Terranas and then transferred in a health center in Nagua, where he underwent a surgical operation to extract the projectile.

El Nacional, by Pedro Fernández, 24.08.07

President of the DNCD orders a surprise anti doping test

The president of the Drugs Control Office (DNCD) ordered yesterday a control anti-doping by surprise to all the personnel of the institution, after having specified that f somebody is positive, he will be immediately dismissed, civil or soldier, whether he forms part of the Armed Forces or the Police force.

The team of doctors of the anti drug agency began the tests prior that nobody was able to leave the place where the president of the DNCD had beforehand spoken with the thousand men and women convened for the examination.

In addition, the chief of the DNCD again clarified that the anti drug agency does not have anything against the reggaetón, but against the words which induce the young people to consume drugs, to practice violence and Satanism, among other unhealthy and alienating actions . He explained that his declarations and those of Public prosecutor, Doctor Radhamés Jiménez Peña, were badly interpreted in the sense that the authorities would try to prohibit this music. The civil servant clarified that it is completely false, because the reggaetón is music like all the others, like the merengue, appreciated by many people.

He added that they rejected the fact that the means of communication are employed to encourage the young people to consume drug and to have sexual intercourse out of control and before the time, so that we hope that directors and programmers of radio stations will collaborate, to respect the law and not violate the morality.

El Viajero Digital, 24.08.07

Beginning of the consultations for the regeneration of the beaches

The Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) began this Friday the second stage of consultation of the Projects of Regeneration of the public beaches.
According to SECTUR’S the purpose of these meetings is to socialize with the Communities and everybody interested by the process which we carry out within the framework of the National System of Environmental Evaluations .
The SECTUR says that these projects of Regeneration of he Beaches will be carried out in Carenero and Los Cacaos, in Samaná; Celeta, in La Romana; Najayo and Palenque, San Cristóbal; Juan Bolaños and Costa Verde; in Montecristi; and San Rafaël and El Quemaíto, in Barahona.

Al Momento, by Ramón González, 4.08.07

Adventures of Sectur in Las Terrenas

Only one passage in the Carmen Street or in the Hospital Street is enough to realize that work of installation of the waste waters pipes is more than badly managed.
This bad management pertains to Sectur, manager of the initial work, which is obliged to return the streets in the same state as they found them.

The Town council of Las Terrenas does not have any right, nor the responsibility for the disadvantages; they only can put the pressure to carry out the works under the best conditions and to terminate them as soon as possible.

But several major problems appeared. First, no study of the subsoil was carried out by the Sectur engineers, which involved some surprises. The second relates to the unfavorable weather conditions since the beginning of the year and which oblige the stoppage of the works in rainy days.

We could also add the good intelligence of some drivers who destroy cements freshly laid.

Of course, the streets could be prohibited during one day or two to facilitate the works, but it is easier to do it for the Hospital street, with less traffic, than for the Carmen street which is a principal way.

Las Terrenas has more work than usual because it is enough to visit the hospitals or to read the newspapers to know that 71% of the infantile diseases are due to bacteria found in the water of the subsoil.

Then we have to expect long duration work because the Principal Street will have to undergo the same passages of pipes.

Ten years ago Las Terrenas did not have as many inhabitants as today, nor a rate of enlarging which resembles more to an explosion than to a weak development.

We will be able to use all the known expressions: like Paris was not buit in one day, like one does not make omelet without breaking eggs, etc.

The fact is to be able to guarantee the healthiness and the cleanliness of the subsoil and of the beaches of Las Terrenas to the future generations goes through moments as we currently know, at the rhythm of the country, with its means as its personnel and materials.

Sylvain MAUFRAIS,Las Terrenas Live, 24.08.07

Significant reduction of the fuels prices

The reductions as from this Saturday represent RD $3.50 for the Premium gasoline; RD $3.20 for the Regular gasoline, 90 centimes for the Premium Gas oil and 80 centimes for the Regular Gas oil, 0.18 centimes for the Liquid Gas Oil.

According to the Industry and Commerce, these reductions are due to the fact that the meteorologists forecast that the hurricane Dean would not hit refineries nor platforms of production of the American coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

According to a source, the gallon of Premium gasoline will be sold at RD $ 222,60 as from this Saturday and the gallon of Regular at RD $ 137.20. The gallon of Premium gas oil will be sold at RD $ 115.50 and the gallon of Regular at RD $ 111.80.

The subsidized GLP will cost RD $ 51.74, with a reduction of 18 centimes per gallon since Saturday.

Dominicanos Hoy, 25.08.07

Government ensures that new nominations will not affect expenses

This Friday, the government contradicted that the last nominations carried out by the Executive power will increase the public expenses, as affirmed by the political sectors of the opposition.

The Office of Information, Press and Publicity of the Presidency informed that when Doctor Leonel Fernández arrived at the Presidency, the primary expenses of the government accounted for 18.2%, while the profits of the preceding government were limited to 16.4%, meaning more expenses than receipts.

During the three years of the current administration, the expenses lower than the receipts because an austere and rational policy on the wages was applied, which made possible to maintain at 4.0% the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The social damage caused by the disastrous economic policy of the preceding government made that the purchasing power of the Dominican workers decreased considerably.

The Office of Information, Press and Publicity of the Presidency ensures that the current administration increased to 30% the monthly minimal wages thanks to the macro-economic policies applied.

Contrary to what occurred during the preceding government which during four years generated more than 1 million 500 thousand new unemployed persons, the Fernández administration reduced to 232 thousand the number of unemployed persons.

El Viajero Digital, 25.08.07

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