Supported the proposal to set electricity rates in Las Terrenas

The company Luz y Fuerza in Las Terrenas has welcomed the initiative

The Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies has decided to support the creation of an electricity rate in the tourist community of Las Terrenas, Las Galeras and El Limon and to evaluate what measures can be taken to reduce the cost of electricity.

This is a theme of fundamental importance for the population and for the general development of this whole area, said a statement signed by the engineer Alejandra Orsini Santana, CEO of Luz y Fuerza.

The commission will visit the area in the early days of next June, at which time the company make suggestions and proposals that could help lower those costs of production and distribution, which affect the price of a kilowatt hour, and this for the benefit of both the population and the productive sectors in the area.

In relation to the cost of the service, different possible interventions have been identified, already applied in other areas of the country, which may reduce the price of electricity in Las Terrenas, Las Galeras and El Limón, without, however, compromising the quality of the service, 24 hours on 24, 7 days a week which users of these locations receive.

The company recalls how the hopes of getting independently a reduction in costs through energy production with natural gas was frustrated because this fuel has risen in price over the last two years by 6.50 usd at 22.50 usd per one million BTU, canceling the investment of over four million dollars made ​​by the producers to turn their equipment to natural gas.

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