“Safety Pilot Project” to be developed

To improve safety in Las Terrenas

The tourist pole of Las Terrenas will host a Safety Pilot Project sponsored by the private sector in coordination with relevant government agencies. This was announced during a meeting held at the headquarters of the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and tour operators from Las Terrenas, Punta Bonita and Cosón.

The project will receive the support of local business and will be coordinated by the Fernando Tapias, a Colombian specialist of security solutions with substantial experience in developing similar programs in Colombia and other tourist pole in the Dominican Republic.

Fernando Tapias is vice-president of the Zehirut Group, founded by his father, General Fernando Tapias, former commander of the Colombian Armed Forces and ideologist that was in charge Pacification Plan Colombia.

The pilot plan that is intended to be applied in Las Terrenas, includes ensuring security in the hotels, tourist and commercial facilities, and in the whole village, in an effort to create a perception of general security, essential to project the image of a safe tourist destination, said Fernando Tapias during a meeting with businessmen and representatives of social organizations.

In the next days the members of the association of hoteliers and tour operators in Las Terrenas will meet and make a preliminary assessment of their needs, evaluate the costs and will discuss how to implement the plan in the shortest time possible.

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