New borders for the National Park Los Haïtises

For a better protection

Last April, the Ministry of the Environment and Los Haitises Karst Foundation (FUNKARST) announced the conclusion of the work of the physical demarcation of Los Haitises National Park in the Samaná peninsula.

This project will allow a better protection in order to preserve the ecological integrity of the park.

The new delimitation, financed by the company Odebrecht, has established the new perimeter by placing 973 pyramid shaped milestones at a distance of 2oo meters from each other.

This program is part of the work plan of the co-management agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment and Los Haitises Karst Foundation, which includes initiatives for the protection of the park and its economic and social development in collaboration with the rural communities of Los Haitises.

The conclusion of the works was attended by the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Dr. Bautista Rojas Gomez and the president of Funkarst, Mr. Frank Ranieri.

The first pointed out that the signaling of the limits of this protected area is extremely important, also considering the precence of various freshwater springs that feed the towns and villages adjacent to the park.

This project will also have the support and the integration of rural communities willing to work and cooperate in the conservation of the natural resources of the protected area near where they live.

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