Love time !

It’s almost humpback whales season

It is an invariable ritual that takes place every winter. Humpback whales, which usually live alone, get together between February and March. During this period, they will not eat anything, and focus only on reproduction.

According to estimations, there are 35,000 of these cetaceans, which are protected by an international moratorium. They are among the most spectacular creatures on the planet, and can measure up to 19 meters long and weigh up to 36 tons. They are found in all seas and oceans of the world, but come to the Samaná Peninsula each year.

The tourists who eagerly wait for their arrival, will soon be able to observe them. These marine mammals that are curious, and often approach the boats.

Seduction and exhibition

Many agencies offer excursions to discover the magic of whales reproduction. Sometimes, twenty individuals compete around one single female. This phase of seduction, can result in struggles and acrobatics jumps out of the water that can reach up to 5 meters.

The male will leave nothing aside and will use all his talents as his voice that it only shows during this season. It can sing during hours, or even for days.

Sex and love

The male and female will eventually reproduce and a 70 kg calf will be born eleven months later. Once they reproduce, humpback whales leave and will continue their life alone.

Very few whales will find what we humans call true love. Only a small number will choose to stay with their partner after reproduction.

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