Let’s visit Taino Park

To discover the daily life of the Indians

This Historical Park invites visitors to discover cults and customs of the first inhabitants of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the Tainos.

With 25 real size scenes, illustrated by a voice on an MP3 player, the Samaná Taino Park tells the story of the first inhabitants of the Hispaniola island, the Tainos. This 5000 years old tribe, lived in harmony with nature.

This peaceful civilization was characterized by their wisdom and always wanted to avoid conflict. In fact, “Taino” means “good man”.

The Taino Park focuses on the social organization of the Indians. A society without a state, but structured around a Chief, and divided into several classes.

The visitors discovers the peaceful daily life of the Tainos that was disturbed by the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The Tainos welcomed Spanish conquistadors with great hospitality, regarding them as gods arrived from heaven.

The park also shows this cruel reality: the violence of the white men arrived from beyond transformed the Indians in a docile workforce, treating them like animals, forcing them to work…

This led to a rebellion and violent clashes eventually caused the “good men” to almost completely disappear.

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