Information to fulfill fire regulations: Part 1

Rules against fires, the legal basis: Regulation 85-11 of 24 February 2011

As we announced a few days ago, we are going to propose information relating to compliance with fire regulations in the Dominican Republic.

The purpose is to inform the public and to prevent malicious persons to get benefit from this important topic.

In this first part, we will discuss the legal basis:

Regulation 85-11, by a decree issued by President Leonel Fernandez of the February 24, 2011.

This city regulation for fire protection, is the existing rule that lays down the minimum standards for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and structures or portions thereof, which main objective is to give the country a security system to deal in case of need.

Things to know:

  • Sets the integral requirement of architectural design, structural systems, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems, which can provide the services needed to prevent or control fires in their early stages.
  • It applies to all buildings that are in the country and includes both new and old ones, whether they are private or public.
  • Applies to prisons, warehouses, offices, businesses, industries, residential areas, day care centers, schools,  ? ?. ? gymnasiums, theaters, restaurants, arenas, conference rooms, cinemas and stadiums, among others. THE HOUSES ARE EXCLUDED.
  • In the case of existing buildings will be given a maximum time of three years after its entry into force, ie until 24 February 2014.
  • After three years, the designs and calculations of the of fire protection system must be presented at the General Directorate of Construction of the Ministry of Public Works.
  • All devices used for the installation of fire protection systems shall be listed and marked with laboratories internationally recognized or approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. (Art. 23).

In future articles, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Where to find fire extinguishers and certifications ?
  • The average prices of fire extinguishers and their duration ?

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