Coral Reef Project Initiative

The coral is ready for cutting

Philippe Siebert, president of the local branch of the nongovernmental organization Reef Check advances every day in his coral protection project. He travelled to Santo Domingo, where he collected necessary technical elements to perform coral cuttings.

Philippe visited the coral reef of La Caleta, which thanks to the unfailing motivation Ruben Torres, PhD in marine biology who heads Reef Check DR, regained its vitality before.

I visited the coral reserve, studied how this natural park was managed, monitored and protected explains Philippe Siebert. From there, the environmentalist built the first structures to be implanted in the deep waters of Punta Popi, Las Ballenas and Marico beach in Las Terrenas. The structure is formed by a PVC bottom covered with plastic bottles, in the center of which are placed coral cuttings.

The aim is to help the coral reefs of Las Terrenas to regain their health, to produce the necessary amount of sand to maintain the palms of the beach and to preserve the beautiful landscapes which are the main attraction of Las Terrenas.

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