Conference and DJ party to save coral

Saturday January 12th at 4 p.m.

After the holidays, the association Reef Check DR Las Terrenas, chaired by Philippe Siebert, resumes his struggle to save the coral reefs of Las Terrenas. The NGO organized this Saturday January 12 a conferences’ day and a DJ night at the Vela Blancae. The aim is to raise the awareness of the general population about environment.

At 4 p.m., interested parties are invited to attend the new Paseo de la Costanera plaza. Kim Beddal, a renowned naturalist, will lead a conference on whales. These giant mammalswill arrive soon in the waters of the SamanaBay. We invite you to learn more about these giant protected that reproduce once every two or three years on average.

Beddal Kim’s intervention (in Spanish) will be followed by a presentation by Ruben Torres, Doctor in marine biology. The disappearance of coral, which produces sand, could have irreversible consequences on the environment and tourism.

For example, in 2003, we had fifty-four meters of beach on the site that is near the cemetery of Las Terrenas. Today, in 2013, we have only fifteen. Do the math: thirty meters less of beach in ten years. Philippe Siebert, president of the association Reef Check DR Las Terrenas, alerts us all. What he says is not alarmist, is realistic.

At night, come all to the restaurant La Vela Blanca, Playa Las Ballenas. The musical entertainment will be provided by DJ 504. The menu will consist of the lionfish, and a leg of beef. 500 pesos per person (drinks not included).

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