Alleged crooks arrested in Las Terrenas

They were offering fake education programs

Police officers from Las Terrenas, Samana, arrested this Sunday three men and two women as they were trying to sell fake scholarships and education programs.

Their name are Virgilio Santana Torres, 37; Esthefany Portes Heredia, 19, Jason Roemil Star Cross, 24; Billinger Medrano Alexader Calcagno, Joanna Josefiba Amparo, 31.

The goup was caught in the act in the Plaza El Paseo de la Costanera, as it was offering these services through an alleged foundation called Dominican Tourist Movement. The students had to pay 500 pesos plus RD 200 pesos to issue a ID carnet.

Several students from the municipality El Limon in Samana also reported they were fooled by the suspects.

The Judge Francisco Torres, from the Court of Instruction of Santa Bárbara de Samaná, imposed one month of preventive detention to the three men and two women.

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