Tricks to fight stretch marks

Prevention and treatment

Stretch marks, or striae as they are called in dermatology, are scars that appear on skin and represent a real concern for women.

They are produced by the breaking of skin tissues caused by the fact of gaining and losing weight or too rapid growth. This is why they are so common during pregnancy, but they can also appear without being pregnant.

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Prevention of stretch marks

Stretch marks are very difficult to treat and make disappear, so it’s far better to prevent their apparition.

Hydration: The main trick to prevent striaes is to maintain the skin completely hydrated, since it avoids the stretching of the breaking of skin tissues. It’s recommended to use hydrating creams that contain vitamins and minerals.

Drink water: The best way to have a healthy skin is to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Stretch marks treatment

Vitamin E: In order to treat reddish stretch marks, you can apply every night a capsule of vitamin E. It’s a slow process, but if you do it often, a reduction of the striae aspect is possible.

Homemade treatments :

  1. 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil, a tablespoonful of wheat germ oil, and a tablespoon of briar essential oil. Apply on stretch marks with circular massages, and pitch the tissues slowly. Leave of skin during 4 hours.
  2. Pass in mixer carrot skins and zests, apply on stretch marks with a cotton piece and leave it until it’s dry. Do this at least twice a day, and leave it on skin all night ID possible, the lotion can stay in the fridge two to three days.
  3. Mix 5 beetroot skins, five peach skins and the heart of one carrot. Apply on white striae.

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Almond oil: Apply on stretch marks after shower.

Rosebush oil: Apply this oil at least once a day. This oil is very good for skin, since it regenerates it and can be applied on the entire body.

Aloe Vera: Apply Aloe Vera gel on striae often, before all during the night.


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