The mineral makeup

Nature on your skin

Mineral Makeup


No chemical products

In the feminine environment, in the world of beauty and natural products, the mineral makeup is very famous since some times.

Initially it comes from the United States, but its notoriety extends little by little to the whole world.

But what is it exactly ?

The mineral makeup is the most natural makeup that exists.

Mineral Makeup 4


It is indeed made from minerals extracted from the ground and that does not contain any chemicals such as the artificial coloring, perfumes and conservatives.


In a time when the chemical composition of the makeup is denounced and worries, and when health comes above all, we can understand the passion that the mineral makeup produces.

But, besides the healthy advantages of the product, quality seems to be also tempting.

Mineral Makeup

The mineral makeup resists during all the day, and its incredible softness makes it possible to sleep with it all night without any discomfort.

It is declined in lipstick, foundation powder, eyes shadow, and several names propose this interesting alternative to the chemical makeup.

By Lucie H




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