The light therapy

The light has an influence on our organism

Luminotherapy 3

Yesterday the weather was wonderful and good mood was present… Today, the weather is gloomy, and the morale is rather bad too.

Is this because of the coldness, because we cannot go outside to take a walk because of the rain that our mood is as sad as the weather, or is there is a direct relationship between the luminosity and our morale ?

The light therapy is a therapy that is based on the light influence on our organism.

The light is a natural source of energy that would influence our mood and would act on the biological rhythm of our body. When there is no much light, we often feel less energetic, we lose our optimism, and we can even experiment sleep and appetite disorders.


And it is true that it is scientifically proved that the number of depressive people increases considerably when winter comes.

Indeed, 1 man out of 10 and 1 woman out of 5 would be victims of the winter Blues. In this case, the light therapy could be very effective.

Morning fatigue, lack of dynamism, headaches, irritability, reduction of the sexual activity… All these symptoms are treated by this technology.

The light therapy is thus a way to reload our batteries during the dull days that make us depressive while being exposed under a lamp of light therapy, especially conceived to take energy back.

The intensity of the light is measured in lux.

The amount recommended by the specialists is between 2500 luxes, and 10 000 luxes per session.

The weather is very bad today ? No problem, a light therapy session, and everything is going to be all right !
Light therapy lamp and dawn simulators are also on sale, for a gentle weakening…

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