Powders for Christmas

To shine wonderfully

Christmas, is a party, and it’s a great occasion to put one beautiful and dare to wear what we would never wear normally: false eyelashes, dress with glitter, intense red lipstick, high heels, sophisticated hairdressing.

But in order to shine brightly, and before wearing your feet, your eyes, your hair and to dress up, you have to take care of your skin.

The great beauty names created little wonders in order to help us with that: powders for the body.

The Chanel one is called Précieuse Or and lays a delicate gold veil on the scoop neck, the arms and the face for a sparkling and luminous skin.

Givenchy lands Poudre du Soir in a gorgeous purpule bottle that remembers the one of a perfume. The scented powder with bergamot and citrus will come to illuminate the skin of the scoop neck and the face skin, to feel sensual and wonderful.

Dior will come to illuminate the scoop neck with Black Diamond. Classical but very elegant, the diamond effect on the skin brings a pearly and festal effect.

Powder Chanel Powder Dior Powder Givenchy

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