Permanent make-up

All you need to know

What is it ?

The permanent makeup is a kind of tattoo but lighter, realized by a specialist who uses very thin needles that do not penetrate deeply in the dermis. The injection of pigments, which can be minerals or synthetics, is made on the surface of skin, and doesn’t reach the small blood-vessels.

Permanent makeup is not definitive: It can stay up to seven years, but the introduced pigments blur and finally totally disappear with time. The length depends on the exposition to sun, of the colors and pigment that were chosen, as well as the speed of cellular regeneration of skin.

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Why ?

Generally, permanent makeup is used in order to waste less time in the morning, above all for the women who always use the same makeup. The colors chosen have to be sober, taking into account that it stays several years. But it’s also a way to cover a scar on the face.

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How ?

First, the specialist draws a line with a pencil in order to give a preview to the client and change some things if necessary. Generally, permanent makeup is applied under local anesthesia, avoiding any pain.

Where ?

On the eyes: Coloring the eyelid in a classic eye shadow and / or applying an eyeliner on the outline.

On the eyebrow : Giving them a uniform tonality and mostly darker than natural color, that enables emphasizing the look.

On the lips : Keeping a natural glow. The intervention enables to restructure lips, tone them up, to blur small wrinkles and repair the asymmetry of these one.

By Lucie H

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