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Some advices to be the most beautiful this summer

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To be the most beautiful girl on the beach, we must take care of our body this summer. After having taken care of the breasts, it is necessary to deal with the buttocks…
The buttocks are a part of our body that is very requested passively (we rest much on them) and very little actively (the muscles do not work intensely).
And above all, it is the preferred place of the reserves to store themselves.
A true nightmare for many women, the posterior may fall or accumulates grease, and it can become a true complex if we do not take care of it.

And it is a shame, knowing that pretty buttocks are proved to be very attracting for these Sirs.

Then, there are some advices to adopt as fast as possible !
I think it is useless to remember that you have to be careful with what you eat. But you also have to avoid the yo-yo effect (get thinner and then grow bigger) that promotes reserves formation.

Someone may have already said it to you, but tensing the buttocks as much as possible is a very good habit you have to adopt quickly. At the office, in the subway, while watching TV, on the computer… they will not only be flattened constantly, but they will work too: Tense them and try to maintain them like this a few seconds.

As for the breasts, the cool water at the end of the shower hardens the skin, retightens the tissues… that helps !

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To use an exfoliating care twice a week helps to get rid of the roughness caused by seating and helps the creams’ absorption.

Massage the muscles while tapping them to activate blood circulation.
Make some exercises daily to tense them and get rid of the unpleasant fat reserves.

The legs’ extension is an exercise that is practiced in four legged position.
You have to extend the leg and move it up and down, barely touching the ground with the point of the feet, and then go up until your leg is aligned with the back.
Remain a few seconds up and increase the difficulty with ballast.
The squats are practiced by putting feet as the same width of the shoulders, arms tended forwards and by bending the knees. Strongly push on the glutei (tighten the buttocks) while going up.

Another great exercise is to put a foot in front of the other, to go down until the back knee barely touches the ground. It is important to keep the back very straight and to stop if it’s hurting you.

Nice Buttocks


These three exercises make the maximum gluteus work, the larger and gluteus principal muscle, it is with him that rebounded buttocks effect comes.
But the medium gluteus and the gluteus minimum are very important too, then start working and seek for exercises that make work all this muscles, and especially, adapted to you !

By Lucie H


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