Mini mask by Lancaster

A care for each moment

Mini Masks Lancaster 01 Mini Masks Lancaster 02

The Lancaster name proposes a very pretty box of face cares, ideal to take care of us before the end of the year celebrations.

The box contains 5 mini masks distributed in colored capsules that correspond to a personal dose.

Perfect for the women in hurry but who like to be pretty, the masks last only 5 minutes for acting.

  • The blue mask hydrates deeply to the skin.
  • The pink mask alleviates the skin and is ideal for the dry and sensitive skins.
  • The orange mask is an exfoliating, thus it has to be applied in circular massages. It leaves a soft apricot perfume on the skin.
  • The green mask purifies the skin and leaves a freshness feeling.
  • The yellow mask revitalizes and gives back the glare to the skin.

These mono doses are a very good idea since you will just have to carry them everywhere in the purse and choose which care your skin needs at this moment.

A choice that the pretty colors and the beautiful packaging will facilitate !

With the mini masks of Lancaster, you will not have any excuses for not taking care of your skin !

By Lucie H

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