Jewels for the end of the year

The white madness and a bit of red

You dream of luxury for the end of the year celebrations ? The jewelry names have wonderful jewels to make us dream at Christmas and New Year.

This is a small selection of one of these beautiful pieces that represents the two main colors of this Christmas 2008: The white as snow and the intense red.

Ring Cartier / Ring Mikimoto / Bracelet Cartier

White over white, it’s so stylish to enter the Christmas spirit, and this is what Cartier offers us, with a great necklace in 18-carat grey gold, with diamonds. Mikimoto follows the tendency by mixing wonderful pearls to diamonds and silver, just as Boucheron, with its diamond necklace.

Necklace Baccarat 01Baccarat prefers the intense red with the Sherazade necklace in ruby, crystal and gold, and this beautiful bracelet in ruby.


Necklace Mikimoto Necklace Baccarat 02 Necklace Bucheron 02











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