Jewels by Laura Tosato

A dominican designer you must discover

Laura Tosato is a Dominican designer of jewels who creates a kind of fine craft, as she uses typical materials of her native island to create earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that represent their country.

Laura Tosato 12 Laura Tosato 04 Laura Tosato 05

All these jewels are created by the designer, who selects the best materials to create these little wonders.

Laura Tosato 01 Laura Tosato 02 Laura Tosato 03

She mostly uses amber and Larimar, but also resins, black coral, pearls, leather, wood and semi-precious stones.

Laura Tosato 09 Laura Tosato 11 Laura Tosato 018

Each piece reflects the simplicity and the elegance that characterizes modern women, and the dragonfly, the emblem of the brand, seems to be an implicit reference to the freedom and delicacy.

Laura Tosato 10 Laura Tosato 15

Many Dominicans and foreign professionals have emphasized the quality of the jewelry made by Laura Tosato.

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Thanks to the store Terrenas en Plata, you will be able to discover her creations in exclusivity….

Logo Terrenas Plata V 1This collection is available in the Jewelry Terrenas en Plata

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