Blossom Pendant

A creation by Izik Levy

If you like to be original and concede to the subtle romanticism, you will like the jewels created by Izik Levy and called Blossom Pendant.
These pendants are constituted by long small and transparent vases in which you will be able to grow a flower, or to preserve it in water.

In any case, the result is wonderful, original and unique. To empty the water, you will just have to turn the Blossom Pendant upside down and shake it lightly. The residues can be clean to up with a Q-tip if necessary.

To combine nature with jewelry, it’s what the Inekoette name and the designer Hafsteinn Juliusson did too with the grass jewels.
A wonderful concept, customizable, creative and delicately feminine, for a smooth and romantic key.

By Lucie H

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