CURT, painter from Las Terrenas

Femininity and Dominican children are her inspiration

Painting Curt V01

Curt was born in southern France. Since childhood, she always had pencils in her hands. At the age of 13, she started to take drawing classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Marseille.

After she was trained to become a graphic advertising, she worked at various advertising agencies and publishing companies.

In 1979, she moves to the Antilles, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Barth, and St.Matin where she lived 13 years in the small village of Colombier.

After 5 years of billboards, decided to focus on painting and especially watercolor. The market scenes, femininity and Dominican children are her favorite subjects.

In 1994, she moved to another island, the Dominican Republic. She has been living in this country for over 17 years, in the charming village of Las Terrenas.

Married Resting Naked

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